Ioannides Tennis Academy is an associate member of the Cyprus Tennis Federation, based close to Limassol, in the region of Ypsonas. Founded in 1998, this is the first private tennis academy in Cyprus and its students, on more than one occasion, have gained prize-winning places in Pancyprian tennis tournaments. The academy offers the two following training plans:

Full-Day Training Programme

The full-day training programme is aimed at tennis players participating in ETA and ITF tournaments. It includes full professional coaching for athletes, as well as a three-hour training session in the morning and afternoon.

In addition, the programme features weight exercises, theory lessons, video analysis of matches and regular friendly matches against other players. Athletes are also issued with a dietary plan and attend sports psychology lessons.

The compiled programme corresponds with determined periods, for instance, training, pre-comp training or for participating in championships. The programme also provides visits to a private, general education school, therefore training never interferes with the children’s education.

Half-Day Training Programme

This training programme is suitable for tennis players participating in Cypriot tournaments. It includes full professional coaching and consists of daily afternoon training sessions lasting three hours.

The programme also features weight exercises, theory lessons and video analysis of matches, as well as regular friendly matches. Athletes are also issued with a dietary regime and attend sports psychology lessons. Along with the full-day programme, this training plan has been formed in accordance with specific training periods — both for inter-seasonal and pre-comp preparation and coaching during championships.

Tennis Training for Children

This programme is for children over 4 years old and has been specially designed with the aim to study this type of sport and raise children to be sporty individuals. Training consists of 2 to 4 hours a week.

Adult Tennis Training

This training programme is suitable for anyone 18 and above wishing to play tennis. Not only can you learn how to play tennis here, but also how to cope with daily stress.

A summer sports camp (June-July) operates on the centre of Ioannides Tennis Academy, where participants practise tennis (two hours in both the morning and afternoon) and physical exercise from Monday to Friday. Friendly matches between players are held on Saturday; Sunday is a day off. Athletes are provided with transfer from the airport, accommodation and three meals per day.

A specialised and balanced programme operates in the academy, orientated around teaching correct technique and tactics, as well as mental and physical coaching for players. The coaching team consists of experienced physical-education teachers specialising in tennis, as well as young trainers — ex-champions — with a lot of experience in performing and working in tournaments ((ETA, ITF Futures – Challengers).


The tennis academy offers memberships for those wishing to use the courts for practice, or tennis matches; it’s also an option for players who want to practise on the academy courts after coaching hours.