Limassol’s Green Life restaurant is a small island of healthy eating and fantastic flavours in the very centre of the city. Here you can have a quick snack, such as a salad, soup, burger or fresh juice. The menu is comprised mainly of salads, with more than 40 different ingredients available to suit the customer’s wishes, including fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, various cheeses, eggs, nuts and croutons. For those fond of standard recipes, the restaurant has ready-made salads, including “Caesar”, “Greek” and “Caprese”. Aside from salads the menu also features a selection of soups, sandwiches, rolls, pasta and sushi. For dessert, you can have a fruit salad, yoghurt, cookies or pastries.

Vegetarian dishes are also available, containing no meat, fish or eggs. However, dairy products are present in the form of cheese in salads, milk in coffee and cream in sauces. The concept of natural and healthy nutrition is also embodied by the restaurant’s refusal to use refined sugars and flours, as well as preserved foods.