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Goods Delivery in Cyprus

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

Delivery of goods is a service that evolves rapidly around the world. A cosmic speed up was given to this process by the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine, which followed it. The goods delivery was transformed from just an additional convenient service to the vital one. We have already shared with you detailed information about how and where you can order a food delivery in the previous article. Today we want to tell you about delivery services of non-food products.

While the order of food delivery is a question of your choice (you can order the delivery or just go shopping by yourself because all the supermarkets are open), the situation with non-food products is more complicated. All you can do is to order them online.

Of course we can’t include all online shops that exist in this review. It would be an encyclopedia instead of an article. Our mission is somewhat different. The main goal is to help you navigate between popular websites and make you understand where to buy the goods you need.

Major Worldwide Trading Platforms

There are global platforms where you can buy anything you want. However each of them has its own specific features. It is often the case that these websites have the best offers.



It’s a worldwide online platform, which gives you the opportunity to buy goods made in China, as well as in Russia, Europe, Turkey and other countries. You can find anything you can imagine except food here. It is especially advantageous to buy clothes and electronic devices on this website.

The prices are often way lower than those in any offline store. But what is there to talk about? Most likely you are already know about that.

It is available to order the delivery to Cyprus. However there are some nuances.

  • It can take longer than one month to get your order sent by using an ordinary AliExpress Standard Shipping (up to 36 days).
  • You will get your order shipped by AliExpress Premium Shipping (about 10 time the price) within two weeks.
  • It will take from a week to 19 days to deliver your order using DHL, UPS or Fedex. And it is 20-30 time the price of AliExpress Standard Shipping.

The reason is the flight restrictions and it is quite problematic to make the whole delivery process faster.

Here are several life hacks about how you can make the waiting period shorter.

  1. Choose the delivery not from China if there are some more options. Greece would be a perfect option.
  2. Read the feedback section and pay attention to the reviews considering the delivery period, so you can know does this particular store work during quarantine or not.



It’s an American website, the biggest one among the online trading platforms in the world. Practically this website is very similar to AliExpress with the only difference that there are not so many made in China goods. That is a big advantage nowadays because, as I described above on the example of AliExpress, the delivery from China is very slow or too expensive now.

As an additional benefit there are no custom duties for all the goods purchased within the EU. The delivery is working even at the time of the pandemic. According to the customer reviews who ordered some goods in the midst of outbreak in Europe, the delivery took just 3 days. Feel the difference with AliExpress.

By the way the prices and the terms of delivery depend on which kind of Amazon do you use for your order. For example there are German (, Britain (, French ( etc. Based on the latest feedback, the German website is cheaper and the delivery from it is faster.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


Another big and popular online platform where you can buy for nothing such goods like clothing and shoes of well known brands, laptops, smartphones, cosmetics and perfume, car parts, household goods, sport and recreation equipment and tons of other stuff.

The difference of e-bay is that besides the common sales with fixed prices there is an auction option. Basically it’s the reason why you can find really good offers on e-bay.



This platform is a bit smaller than previous ones. Because it is specialized. The websites we have already mentioned are focused on the mass product sales. is a website that offers original handmade goods, art pieces and art materials. Here is an example: you are bored while sitting locked at home and decided to impress your cat with a wonderful vintage dress and an exquisite handmade earrings. Or another one: you are planning to walk on your balcony in the evening but you don’t have an elegant small bag at hand. And Christos or Charalampos from the balconies nearby will definitely notice this glaring omission. What should you do in this case? You will not use AliExpress for it honestly. was created exactly for such situations. By the way you can find there goods made by Cypriot artists too. Christos together with Charalampos will be green with envy.

Clothing and Shoes

The platforms mentioned above sell all kind of goods, but if you need some specific kind of products, it is often more convenient to buy them in specific online shops. At the moment of writing you can buy clothing and shoes online only. Even though there are not many opportunities to be outside and not many places you can visit, it doesn't mean there is no need to buy new stuff. It could be that buying clothes and shoes online is a daily routine for some people, and for the other it’s a necessary quarantine measure. Someone doesn’t like to go to big shopping malls and stay in queues even when there isn’t any dangerous virus outside. Anyway here is the list of shops that will suit both those categories.



It is Cypriot sports wear online shop.

Theoretically there are two versions of the website: in Greek and in English. Practically you can’t switch to the English one, you will get the error message if you try.

I could describe the design of like “you will be sick”. It’s a mix of acid colours, some weird buttons and pixel-style fonts. They put the current date and time right on the top of the main page for some reason. Moreover the date is wrong.

If you are visiting this website for the first time it’s quite difficult to figure out how does the whole thing work there. I would not recommend it to you but looks like it’s a popular one.

The variety of brands is following: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse, Alore Comfort, Camel Shoes, Ecco, Spiderman.

How it works. You are lucky if you know Greek, otherwise you just helplessly click buttons at random and find (or do not find) what you need. After that you add everything you want to buy to the odd looking blurry red basket. This way you will get the codes of the goods. Then you call +357 96 880160, make your order and start to wait for your parcel. You can pay online via PayPal or by cash to the courier.

The biggest advantage of this shop is the fact that it’s local. That means the delivery will be very fast. What is more it delivers to the any place in Cyprus. The delivery cost is fixed — 4 Euros.


Marks and Spencer

It is a huge low-budget online shop. If you are dazzled by the sight of many things and have high expectations, we strictly recommend you to low them as fast as you can. You can order only household goods and clothing from the wide variety of all kinds of goods (including furniture, cosmetics and even food and wine) shown of the website. The rest is available for Great Britain only.

However the two categories you can choose from are also quite impressive. You would better not to expect some sophisticated style or high quality from Marks and Spenser goods. Things are simple and cheap. By the way it’s a good shop to buy clothes for children.

The delivery cost varies up to 10 Euros. If your order is more than 90 Euros, you will get a free delivery service. According to the reviews of Cypriots during quarantine, Marks and Spencer has a good logistics and the goods came quicker comparing to similar European online shops. Official information from the website: delivery within 3-5 working days. As for return policy, it covers 90 days period of time!



H&M is the biggest European retail chain that sells clothing. The company takes the lower price range, however the quality of goods is higher than by most competitors. And the clothes often look nice and not like some shapeless pieces of fabric. That’s why this chain of stores is the biggest one.

The website is not bad. The assortment is huge. One more thing that differs H&M from others is that there is a giant section with discounted goods. Except clothing, they also have HOME section where you can buy bed linen, carpets, dishes and even plush toys.

Delivery time is 2-7 working days under normal circumstances. According to website, it will take 6-10 days during the quarantine. However it stands in the reviews from Cyprus customers who ordered a delivery on that it took longer, about two weeks.

The delivery cost is fixed and not high — 4,99 Euros. You will get a free delivery for orders starting at 30 Euros.

H&M is probably the best option for shopping from home. The variety of goods, the quality and the prices are quite good.




It is special sporting goods shop in Cyprus. A quite good one. In this range there are 33 most popular and demanded brands. The prices are affordable and the discount section is also big. The design of online shop is simple and easy to use. The delivery to every place in Cyprus is carried out within 4 days. You will get it for free, if your order is more than 50 Euros. If your order is less than 50 Euros, the delivery cost will be calculated on the website.



Corona does not devide people into rich and poor. Everyone is on lockdown now. If H&M and Marks and Spencer are not on your level, you have an European boutique Luisaviaroma at your side. You will find a lot of creative and stylish clothing there. Their top brands are: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, By Far, Dolce & Gabbana and many others. The total amount of brands is huge; I’m tormented trying to count them all. It’s definitely more than 100.

Along with top clothing by fashion designers you can find more affordable brands here (in terms of the price): Adidas, New balance, Columbia etc.

There is a discount section too. They have quite big section of clothes for children on the website what could be extremely relevant because nobody is canceled the childrens growth.

Of course the costs are not very low but you will definitely find something at a medium price here. There is also interior section with designer furniture, lamps, home accessories, bed linen etc. and a huge cosmetics section with tons of goods at high and medium prices.

The website is available in 9 languages. There’s no Greek version, but you can choose among English, German, French and Russian for example.

Everything is made beautifully stylish and user-friendly. The website looks like an online version of a shopping mall. The colour palette complies with this feeling: cool muted tones with a lot of perfect “ideal” looking ads. It’s a pleasure to make online shopping on this website.

The only available delivery option is an express one with fixed price of 25 Euros. Another important moment: you can return things for free within 28 days since the receipt. Read more about terms and conditions of returning policy here.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


Another European online boutique similar to the previous one. However the assortment is different. There is no furniture and cosmetics on the website, but it offers a good variety of shoes instead.

You can use website in one of 7 languages. The prices are slightly lower comparing to Luisaviaroma. And the delivery terms are different too. The delivery cost is fixed — 20 Euros. If your order amount is over 200 Euros, you will get an express delivery for free. Standard waiting period for your parcel is about 2-3 days. The waiting time could be extended due to the quarantine.



And finally the third European online boutique to satisfy your shopping needs completely. Everyone knows that buying things is the way ladies (and gentlemen as well) use to cope with stress. That’s why we focused on the online shops that sell clothes in the first place, so you will have plenty to choose from while sitting at home.

This shop looks rather simple comparing to the previous two. “Luisaviaroma at its minimum” so to say. There are only 4 languages on the website: English, French, Chinese and Japanese.

The fonts are too small and inconvenient to read. The sections are the same as in Antonioli and so are the prices. There is no discount section at all. The delivery service is express. The cost is fixed — 20 Euros. It is promised that you will get your order within 4 days.

Sport Equipment

It’s a fact that people start to eat more during lockdown when they spend all the time at home. Because the fridge is located few steps away from you and you begin perforce open it more frequently. On the other hand the physical exercises are reduced too. As a consequence you gain weight and your mood slowly goes down. That’s why you will probably need sport equipment to keep yourself fit in the situation when you must sit at home within the walls. In the ideal case it would be even better if you will use it after buying.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

E-shop for fitness

It’s a Cypriot sport equipment shop. You can buy dumbbells, dumbbell bars, mats, benches, exercise machines, expanders, sports nutrition and many more here. The assortment is huge. If you wish, you can turn your house into the professional gym using only for shopping.

The website is simple and convenient. Nothing extra, useful things only. All the goods have a picture, a code of the product and delivery period. For some reason, there is no registration option on the website. Everything is made well. We can safely give a straight A to this web shop. Except for one thing. I couldn’t add anything to my shopping cart. I chose the most appropriate sports nutrition for me. I pressed “buy” button. And the pop-up window informed me that my shopping cart is empty. I’ve tried to manage it somehow by doing this or that, in vain.

But as I’ve already mentioned, each product has its own code. So you can do it another way. Choose the goods you want to buy on the website. Call (+357) 96421343, tell the codes and you will get what you need.



It’s also a sport equipment shop but it focuses on a bit different things. While all the goods in the previous one are mostly about fitness, there are three big sections in this shop: fitness, sports and play and escape.

As for fitness, the emphasis is placed on exercise machines. However they sell also things like equipment, dumbbells and kettlebells etc.

Sport and play section includes basketball hoops, football goals, scooters, slides, tents etc.

Escape section has nothing to do with sport at all. You will find stuff like inflatable swimming pools and air mattresses etc here.

The design of the website is quite original (main part of online shops nowadays just use same pattern repeatedly). I would give the navigation B minus.

Door to door delivery is available only when your order is more than 300 Euros. You will have to pick up all the orders that cost less at a special collection point.

The impression this shop left on me could be described as “a realm of megalomania”. Everything should be huge and grandiose, taking at least the half of the room or the yard. It’s a shop for those who would like to take things like sport as super serious ones.



Another sport equipment online shop. In case you did not find things you need in the previous two or they did not meet your demands for whatever reason (minimal price for example). The variety of goods is not so wide, but there are few exclusive offers instead. It is also available to search by brand. Minimal delivery cost is 4 Euros. If you make a big purchase, you will get the delivery for free.

Goods for Pets

Pets don’t like the quarantine just as much as their owners. Or even more. Alfies and Maxes remember the times they could walk with their humans 4 times a day as distant past that doesn't sound real now. All they have now is a space near the house or one long walk a day if they are lucky. There is no guarantee that the owner would use his or her only opportunity to go outside to walk with a dog. Things are also complicated with the pet food because most special shops are closed. So let’s search for the alternative ways together.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


It’s a sensible special online shop. You can search by brand or by using one of 6 categories on the website: goods for dogs, cats, fishes, small pet animals and for birds. There is also a pet care section. You can choose the pet food based on your budget and your degree of love to your four-pawed friend: from common dry or canned food to premium class one. Except the food there are also goods every pet owner needs like shampoos, anti tick sprays, scratching posts, toys etc.

It’s available to pay by cash, online by credit card or via PayPal system.

The company has its own delivery service that covers the whole island. Delivery costs are following: free of charge if you can wait 2-7 working days, or 5 Euros for express delivery within two working days.

This shop is a convenient and easy to use, the assortment is good as well.


Naturea Petfoods

It’s a mono-brand online shop selling pet food. Premium class exclusively. Naturea Petfoods is an American company. The website is stylish and beautifully designed. I felt hungry myself while I was scrolling the page with offers.

The variety is not so wide comparing to the previous store. There are no accessories and pet care products. You can buy the food for dogs or cats only (but they have hypoallergenic one!).

The main focus is of course on the natural ingredients. If your order is more than 49 Euros, you will get door to door delivery free of charge. If the amount is less than that, it will cost you 4,5 Euros. It is promised that the delivery will be made within the period of 1-3 working days. You can pay by cash or by credit card.


Delivery from Supermarkets

Ordinary supermarkets are a cheap alternative to the online shops I’ve mentioned above. Basically everything you need you can find by following this link: It’s main and the best online supermarket in Cyprus. This is very real that you can find pet food cheaper than 1 Euro for a can there. However the delivery service of this supermarket can’t manage all orders to come on time because of the heavy workload during the quarantine.

If you don’t want to wait and are not afraid of challenging tasks, you can try to order delivery in the local supermarkets near your home.

Available for citizens of Limassol, Nicosia and Pafos. It’s a big offline supermarket with a huge variety of everything you can imagine. However you can’t see the assortment it offers anywhere except the advertisement magazine. And even there it’s quite poor to put it mildly. But I think, you are pretty familiar with the food your pets like and know exactly what kind of brand do you need and how does the package look like.

To order the goods, call one of the following numbers:
The Mall of Engomi (+357) 22 355545,
Mall of Cyprus (+357) 22 570970,
Latsia (+357) 22 486570,
Pafos Kings Avenue Mall (+357) 26 205555.

By the way there’s information that Sclavenitis is planning to open a proper online food store in the near future. However exact dates have not been set.

Alphamega is the most popular offline chain store in Cyprus. This shop will suit everyone who lives in big cities, however citizens of Nicosia and Limassol will have more advantages than others. They can order goods from this supermarket by using aggregator website There’s no photos of the products on that website, but the most part of assortment has descriptions. Foody works the same way as an ordinary online supermarket. People in other cities should use grandpa-style ordering method and call the phone.

To order pet food delivery, you need to write to

There’s no minimal order amount, you can get one can of pet food as well. The delivery price is fixed but quite high — 8 Euros.

Papantoniou is another big chain of supermarkets. It is available for citizens of Limassol, Nicosia and Pafos.

There are not so many options of how to know about the assortment. Frankly speaking there is only one way you can do it and it’s to check its tiny advertisement magazine with discounted items.

To make an order, call the following numbers:
Nicosia (+357) 22552995
Limassol (+357) 25369999
Pafos (+357) 26936600
Or write to:

The delivery is free of charge. But please keep in mind that the minimal order should be equal or more than 100 Euros; and you can get the delivery if you are living not far than 10 km from the closest supermarket. The delivery will take 1-2 working days.

So, if you want to treat your suffering from lockdown four-paw friend with something more exquisite or its delicate nature prefers a specific type of food and that’s definitely not the can of some goo for 68 cents, you would better to buy pet food at special stores. When it’s the opposite and your pet is not picky, it makes sense to choose supermarkets for that purpose.

Goods for Children

It’s a huge inconvenience to have kids when it’s pandemic outside. It’s not enough space for them in an ordinary apartment, they constantly want to eat (babies even demand a special kind of food), they can’t stand that mom and dad are busy working from home and they grow really fast. How to satisfy all demands of your child — it’s an important and relevant question for most families during the quarantine.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


Cxc is one of the biggest offline chain stores selling goods for kids in Cyprus. Of course the stores are closed due to the lockdown but there is a website and a delivery service.

How can Cxc be useful to you?

1. Toys. Yes, they do have them, however the assortment is quite poor and the main focus is on baby toys. You can buy a construction set, good remote controlled car or wooden train set here, but the number of different variations is very limited. Cxc probably wouldn’t be useful also in situations when your kid asks you to buy “that particular character from that particular cartoon”.

On the other hand you can buy different board games such as football or air hockey for more grown up kids in this store.

What means at least few days of peace and theoretical silence at the time of quarantine. Surprisingly they have also 16 and 32 bits game consoles for 40 and 60 Euros respectively.

There are 88 kinds of toys for the babies: musical and plush toys, toys for the bathroom of for the bed.

2. Outdoor toys. Well, it’s not very useful during the lockdown period, but why not to dream about it? There are bicycles, scooters and cars for kids.

3. Baby shop. Actually it’s the main section and specialization of this shop. You can find almost everything you need for babies and kids under 3 years of age: from child car seats and strollers to diapers and baby bottles.

The website has easy and convenient navigation system. You can search items by category or by brand. Another very useful way is to sort goods by the age of a child.

The delivery will be managed within 1-5 working days. You have to pay 5 Euros for the delivery if your order amount is under 50 Euros. The delivery for orders more than 50 Euros is free of charge.

It’s a good baby store that suits more for those who want to buy all the necessary things for children under 3 than for those who are looking for toys.


King of Toys

Specifically this one is an online toy store. And it’s located in Cyprus by the way. The variety is good. There’s plenty to choose from for kids of all ages. Big number of different categories and quite good assortment of outdoor toys. There are two special sections of specific brands: Lego and Playmobil. These two are widely represented at the store.

Interface and navigation of the website are perfect. Everything is simple and intuitive. You can search by brand or by certain age.

The delivery cost is fixed — 4,5 Euros. King of toys is the best (at the time of quarantine) shop in this field you can find on the island.



That is an important and useful shop for those children (most of them actually) who tend to get the hand of cartoons and know exactly what toy they want. If your child is a fan of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars or Marvel, this shop is your best choice. You can find toys, clothes with prints and other merch like mugs, pencils and pens etc. here.

The delivery cost is significantly overstated — 30 pounds (about 33 Euros). Also you will not be happy with the waiting period, which takes up to 13 days.


Early Learning Centre

It is another company widely known by the parents of young children in Cyprus. It specializes on the goods for the babies (children under 4 years of age). The prices are a bit higher than average ones; the quality of toys is undisputed instead. They are eco, long-lasting and well-thought.

Unlike the previous ones I’ve described above, this shop is based in Great Britain and your order will come from it too. The waiting time is about 10 days. That is a long period of time to put it mildly. But it is often the case that you will not find any toys similar to those in Early Learning Centre somewhere else.

Except the toys, there is nothing much on the website.

However the variety is great. If your order is more than 40 pounds, you will get a free delivery. The delivery cost for all orders less than 40 pounds is 5 pounds. 40 pounds are about 45 Euros.


My Baby Market

The title speaks for itself. There are plenty of different diapers, baby powder, powdered milk, baby food, toys etc. in this shop. Plus they got maternity stuff there. The assortment is more than enough.

The design of the website could be described as “what was seen can’t be unseen”. The fonts are too small. Light blue text on the light pink background…how about that, ladies and gentlemen? I’m not even talking about the aesthetic pleasure now; the thing is that you should really strain your eyes in case you want to read the letters because there’s no contrast between them and the background. The designers were definitely homegrown ones.

If your order is 55 Euros or more, you will get free delivery service. Otherwise you have to pay 2,85 Euros for it. The delivery is carried out within 4 working days and covers all Cyprus.


New Baby City

One more online shop in Cyprus that specializes on goods for kids.

There are following sections on the website:

  • goods for breastfeeding (pillows, breast pump sets etc.),
  • walking (strollers and accessories),
  • bathroom (toys, children’s baths, towels),
  • bedroom (furniture, decorations etc.),
  • for the bed (mosquito nettings, pillows),
  • feeding (bottles, high chairs),
  • health (tooth brushes, baby nasal aspirators),
  • safety (tracking monitors, professional tracking systems…it’s a bit strange that they have such kind of things, but whatever),
  • traveling (strollers, accessories for your car),
  • toys (this category is quite odd too. Under toys they mean all kinds of educational games for babies and big electric cars for children above 3).

The number of sections and the variety of goods is quite impressive, huh? But if you click the most of them, you will get the disappointing message “No products were found matching your selection”.

The navigation of the website is easy. There’s no searching by age option because the variety of toys is small and the most part of products are goods for infants and mothers-to-be.

The ordering process uses old school method. That means there is no such convenient way to order as clicking the “add to chart” button. To make an order, you need to call the following number: (+357) 22750462 and tell the codes of the items you have chosen. Why it’s so difficult to add basket option to the website when it’s already XXI century outside? That’s a mystery. It’s not some complicated thing and not even an expensive one. To keep the call centre available is more troublesome task.

When your order is more than 30 Euros, you will get free delivery to any place in Cyprus.



It’s a small online shop aimed at Russian customers. The whole website is in Russian respectively. Probably for those who doesn’t know English and don’t want to learn it.

What can you buy here (in case you still want to do it for some reason): diapers, baby wipes, household chemicals, hygiene items, special food for babies and their mothers.

Door to door delivery for orders that weight is less than 10 kg will cost you 6,10 Euros within any city in Cyprus. You have to pay extra 3 Euros for every additional 10 kilos. The delivery is made within 1-2 working days.

The website looks like one made on a deadline; many words are written incorrectly, however there is all the required functional including the basket to add items you liked to.



It’s a very good shop selling clothes for children at affordable prices. The navigation of the website is simple and intuitive, plus it has a lot of categories and subcategories of items. There’s an option to search products by brands. Discount section is also at your service. It’s a shame that you can’t sort the items by age.

Well, the shop will provide you with any kind of children’s clothing. Along with these things they have strollers, kids chairs, maternity products and quite good variety of toys.

Everything sounds great. Except the delivery cost. It is fixed and carried by Ups service. You have to pay 14,95 Euros for the delivery of any item/s you will choose. Waiting period is about 1 to 5 working days.

And what about Jumbo, a popular chain of stores that sells toys and household goods at cheap prices? I would bet, you thought about it. Alas. There is no delivery service foreseen.

In addition to the shops I’ve mentioned above you can order this kind of goods in other ways. For example, you can buy the clothes in big online shops like Marks and Spenser or H&M. And things like baby food and accessories for infants could be find in supermarkets like Alphamega, Sclavenitis etc. (see the part about the pets food above for more detailed information).


From one hand, you need to have a prescription to buy most of the medicine in Cyprus. That means you need to go out. What is more, all the offline pharmacies stay open and operate as usual even during the quarantine. Quite as usual, to be precise — the night curfew is still in force. From the other hand, elder and ill people (the main clients of the pharmacies) do not always have enough power to go to the nearest shop. And of course not every medicine is worthy to go to the streets for it. That’s for we need online pharmacies even when they can’t fully replace the offline ones.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

S&P Pharmacies

The most part of the sections on the website deals with near “medicinal” stuff. Or not medicinal at all. Things you can buy here are: cosmetics, make up, perfume, different kinds of shower gels, baby food and dietary supplements. The “health” section is the last one.

There are 10 subcategories in it:

  • orthopedics,
  • tonometers,
  • eye drops,
  • fever thermometers,
  • sexual health etc.

I didn’t find any real medicine there. They don’t even have any ordinary painkiller that you can buy without prescription.

The website is not very convenient to use. The fonts are quite unreadable. Every page loads too slow. A lot of useless pop-ups. Shopping here is a pretty annoying thing.

The word “pharmacy” in the title is the only thing that is connected with it there.

The delivery cost is 4 Euros and covers all Cyprus.



Funny name. You can read it like “ways express” or like “way sex press”. In the “About Us” section of the website it is written that it’s a new online shop offering a wide variety of products. Quite vague, huh? While the previous example was about non-pharmacy that suddenly called itself so, it’s the other way round here. Some kind of store with a wide variety of products surprisingly sells medicine! You can find painkillers, aspirin and a bunch of other cheap but very useful medicines that can be sold without prescriptions.

Speaking about the “wide variety”, the statement is true, but the way they used to choose the categories stays unclear. Except the pharmacy there are also book shop, gardening supplies, mother and baby care and even pet food. That’s kind of odd, but anyway. The delivery is pretty cheap — just 3 Euros. And now back to the “ways of press”. The slogan of the company is “Why wait in line when you can buy online?” And in this case it’s not a rhetorical but a substantial question. And I have an answer on it. Here it is: because it’s more convenient.

This is the most glitchy and messed up website I have ever seen not only at the time of writing but probably in whole my life. It was like I’m in the ’98 again. You click on the random category and…nothing is happening. The page isn’t loading however the links seem to be working ones. But absolutely nothing is happening. Like what’s going on? So is the website. If you will wait for 10-15 seconds the miracle will happen to you. As for me I don’t want such kind of wonders.

Another odd thing — you can’t use right click on the website. The functional of the website does not include this option. If their slogan was “to wait in the line” or “to wait when your page will finally be online”, I would prefer the first one. That’s a pity you don’t have any choice.

Well, to assume, is hideous and glitchy, but you can try to buy medicine there. There is simply no more alternatives or offers online.


Biovea and 24evexia

Two very similar to each other websites that sell dietary supplements. The only difference between them is that the first company is international while the second one is based in Cyprus. Both have an impressive assortment. There are several kinds of useless “candies” as well as really important supplements like omega-3 for example.

The delivery cost is 4 Euros by 24evexia and 4,85 Euros by Biovea (and free of charge if your order is 49 Euros and more). — website is loading very slowly. — has very inconvenient navigation.

All in all, as you might already notice, the variety of online pharmacies in Cyprus leaves much to be desired. What should you do if you need some non-prescriptive medicine and you didn’t find it in any of the shops I’ve mentioned above? Or maybe you’re sick of waiting when the page of “way sex press” will be finally loaded. There is one more alternative for you. Just follow the link and you will find people who are ready to do all the shopping for you. The delivery covers almost the whole island (exceptions are Famagusta and all north-east regions of the country).

Everything is nice and easy. However there is still one small fly in the ointment. The delivery cost is 15 Euros! The high price, which can easily discourage people from having deals with this service. But I can’t blame this company for that. While the chain stores have their own delivery services or contracts with different logistic companies, this private business decided to help the citizens by offering delivery of any kinds of orders. And of course it would be inappropriate for them to low the cost of the delivery.


When the quarantine is knocking on the door, everyone suddenly remembers all the activities he/she always wanted to try but there was no time for them. Now their time had come. The era of hobbies.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t find anything worthy to mention about this topic on the territory of Cyprus. Hurray for the world globalization that gives you the chance to order something from the overseas or even from some far far away kingdom. I’ve mentioned before that such international platforms like Etsy, AliExpress and Amazon. They don’t specialize on hobby stuff but can offer you a huge amount of everything you desire. Let us not limit our horizons by these three options and take a look on what we have except them. That’s a shame that the coolest and biggest worldwide online hobby shops don’t deliver to Cyprus. Here are the options you can pick from.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


Modeling is like an addiction. Its fans spend hundreds of hours sitting at the table in the evening and trying to glue, assemble and attach tiny details that will become “1/72 Soviet Panzerjagerwagen with T-34 Hull” or “1/43 Velorex 16/350 Lorry” one day. It may sound like some kind of encryption for someone, but it’s all clear for those who know.

If you’re thinking that modeling means that you pull few plastic details out of the box, glue them together and voila, you’ll be surprised because the world of modeling has moved far ahead. It includes creating 3d object including the parts of the landscape. For example it could be not some kind of standard panzer but a broken car without back wheels left on the backyard. It could be an art in some way. And it is. You create the reality piece by piece. Modelimex is a great website for modeling fans. The assortment is huge: cars, military equipment, ships, human figures, planes, accessories, books and magazines.

Everything about the website is all well and good. Everything except the delivery cost that is 24 Euros! Honestly, the speed of the delivery is amazing — 48 hours as long as the product is in stock.


Internet hobbies

Another website specialized on modeling. In case you didn’t find something on the previous one. The historical part of the assortment probably has a more limited presence here, but the variety in general is even wider. They have also “space” models and wargaming as well as electric trains and many more. The terms and conditions of the delivery are not very optimistic though.

Waiting period is from 6 to 10 working days. The delivery cost is 55 Euros.


Hobby shop Wilhelm Ruther

It’s a great shop that will satisfy all your hobby related needs. Just one little nuance: the website is in German. You may ask, what it is for if you don’t know German. The answer is: because you can’t find anything better. As they say: you are welcome to whatever we have. Especially since google always try to help you and kindly asks if you want it to translate the page for you when it’s not on your native language. Of course the translation is far from being perfect but you can figure it out if you want.

If German doesn’t stop you, listen to this. The variety of goods includes: art and craft materials for ceramics and enamel, art supplies, glue, different kinds of tools for batik and pixel hobby (mini mosaic craft) etc.

Every item on the website has a picture and a price.

Door to door delivery to Cyprus will cost you 14,90 Euros.



Public is a big supermarket chain specialized on books and electronic devices. So let’s talk about books since it is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. The website will provide you both with English and Greek books. In case you don’t know English or Greek don’t worry. Quarantine is the best time to start learning new languages.

By the way, as soon as we talking about languages, there is only Greek version of the website that makes search and navigation on the website a bit more complicated task.

You will get free delivery if your order is 30 Euros or more or if you order more than 3 books on the foreign languages. If your order is less than 30 Euros, you will have to pay 4,90 or 11,90 Euros depending on your location.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

Digital Libraries

It isn’t necessary to buy or order “real” books when you want to read something. Ebooks have long been a part of our everyday life. So instead of going to the bookshop you can just open a digital library on your device. will suit you if you want to read books in English, German, French or Portuguese. The website offers you access to more than 60 thousands books. I’m pretty sure you can find something at your taste among them. Especially as it’s for free.

You can also try this one: Except fiction this library has also pretty big collection of scientific, technical and other special books. will be a good choice for those who speak or want to practice Russian. It is the biggest and the most well known Russian digital library. You will find here everything you want. It’s only flaw is that it is not allowed to download the books, so you have to read them online right on the website. I can offer you as an alternative to that. The collection of books is great and there is a download option. However you have to pay for the most part of the books.

There is one more thing I want to tell you about. It is the website It’s not a digital library, but a web portal with a wide variety of different online courses. You can read them as texts or watch in a video format. There are both paid and unpaid ones. Coursera makes collabs with many different respected universities all over the world. The courses they offer can really improve your skills and what is more they could be very interesting. And who knows, maybe it could be a start for some new path in your life.


Apocalypse is not an excuse for not giving flowers to your beloved ones. It’s quite the opposite; quarantine can be the reason of many family conflicts, bad mood and increasing number of arguments. And flowers in this case could be that special thing, which can help you to extinguish the flames of war and cheer your partner.

There is even another way to bring flowers to your life and it is growing plants. Cypriots are fans of everything that concerns to put flowerpots in each empty corner of their houses. Because why not? This is a great hobby that also looks good.

To my opinion, the bigger the flower shop the less soul and uniqueness are put into the bouquets it sells (but the less is the price too, what could be an advantage). That’s why I prefer not even flower shops but private florists that have their own small business. They create breathtaking bouquets, both stylish and beautiful.

Another option: you can order flowers in some kind of supermarkets like Alphamega or Papantoniou. The variety is always very poor but supermarket flowers have one important feature — they are very tough and resilient. I don’t know the reason of that. And actually I don’t even want too. Last time I bought my lady flowers in supermarket they stood 3 weeks without being withered.

Where to buy flowers and which flowers are better — the choice is up to you. I just want to tell you about the possible ways and then you will decide it by yourself.

Unlike the other kinds of delivery services, flower delivery flourish regardless of whole quarantine-lockdown thing. Receiving an unexpected bouquet brought by the courier, what could be more pleasant? That’s why there are plenty of shops that offer it.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

Cyprus Flower Boutique

It is one of the most popular flower “boutiques” in Cyprus. Why I enclosed the word boutique in quotation marks? Because this shop is rather a supermarket than a boutique. I didn’t find there anything designer or exclusive. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough. The “boutique” has quite restrictive choice of flowers. But you can still find something here. I liked one of the cheapest bouquets (49 Euro) named “Ardent”. A perfect combination of santini chrysanthemum and gerberas. It’s a very simple but nice bouquet.

There are following categories: spring flowers, flowers in a box, bouquets, special offer (the biggest section) and plants (that’s one is for those who loves barricade balconies with the walls of flower pots).

Speaking about the navigation, the website is simple and user-friendly. You can choose the price range as a filter and that’s great because it’s very convenient. Prices are from 30 to 800 Euros. What do they offer for 800 Euros? Highroller bouquet. It is 201 roses. And you can choose the colour: white, red or pink.

The delivery is free of charge for Nicosia, Limassol, Pafos and Larnaka. There will be a small additional cost for the citizens of neighbouring villages.


Bloom de Fleur

It’s a small online flower shop. It got 51 bouquets at your choice and 73 kinds of flowers for boxes.

The main feature: they have preserved roses there. This kind of flowers can stand in a vase for years and still look fresh and even have a wonderful odour. The preservation process includes “soaking” flowers in glycerin. That means the flowers look like real ones but their naturalness remains questionable. The price range for such a treat starts at 70 Euros for a few flowers and goes up to 200 Euros for 18 beautifully decorated roses in a hatbox.

Actually other flowers did not impress me. The bouquets are not bad, but they all are kind of common ones. Maybe it’s just me being used to give my friends and relatives bouquets from real flower boutiques where genius florists do their elegant magic. Comparing to them flowers of Bloom de fleur are more expensive and too ordinary. There’s no own style.

The delivery cost within Limassol is 5 Euros. 10 Euros to the nearby areas. 20 Euros for another cities around the country.

You can pay by cash to the courier or online by using your credit card or via PayPal.


Cyprus Flower

Frankly speaking I wanted to tell you about another shop that is called Flower for Cyprus instead this one (as you might see the flower shops in Cyprus do not shine by originality of their names). I liked the idea that you can choose bouquets according to the specific celebration and that Flowers for Cyprus has a wide variety of themed occasions, sometimes really unexpected. But I found out soon that it’s a kind of scam. For example there is a gift box in “Ramadan” section that is called “English breakfast”. How does this one fit into the Islamic celebration? Seems like the authors of this project are fans of “whatever” strategy. So let’s go back to the Cyprus flower that I want to praise.

First — pricing policy is quite good. It can vary from 35 to 300 Euros. The most expensive are of course bouquets consisting of numerous roses. You can get several types of 101 roses for 300 Euros. Just compare it to 201 roses for 800 Euros in previous flower shop. Of course you can throw me some rotten tomatoes in the face for that, but I still want to share my opinion with you: the difference between 1 rose and a bouquet of 101 is huge when it comes about the impression. But the difference between 101 and 201 roses is pretty subtle when you can save 500 Euros.

Second — these guys hire good florists. The colour and flower combinations are very interesting. However the names of different bouquets sound very ordinary in contrast, like for example “a white-yellow bouquet” or “a romantic bouquet”. Okay, we are paying for the flowers and not for the names.

Third — the assortment is wide and offers a lot of options to choose from.

The main page of the website has some ambiguous statements like “the fastest delivery in Cyprus” or “we will replace the bouquet if…”. I can’t say for this particular shop but according to my experience every time I asked for replacement of the bouquet because of poor quality I should almost literally to “gnaw it out”.

The delivery is free of charge.


Lifeberry Flowers

That is exactly what I was talking about when I’ve mentioned flower boutiques. It’s a small one that offers really unique bouquets. Maybe the prices are a bit higher than in other online shops but not sufficiently. You will definitely get a personal approach here.

To make an order, send a message on Facebook or Instagram or call the following number: +35725102517.

Household Appliances and Electronic Devices

Quarantine disrupted almost all the shops of this kind. You see only closed doors and black windows while you’re driving through the city. Only Epic shops has queues as usual. Lockdown made impossible to buy some good quality products offline. And it’s the same with the bad quality products as well. And what is more, the electronic devices have an unfortunate habit to break down at the worst possible time. That’s why the door to door delivery could be an urgent need in some cases. On the other hand the delivery of big items such as a fridge for example remains relevant at all times.

Usually when you decide where to buy you take into account two things: the assortment and the price. When it comes to Cyprus, the assortment of all the shops is more or less the same and not really impressive. The prices are inflated everywhere too. The only difference is that some shops made it unaffordable and some — just tolerable.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus


I’ve already mentioned this shop when I wrote about the Ebooks. It is time to tell a bit more about it because Public chain stores are at the top of the game in everything related to electronics. At least when it comes about the areas it covers. There are shops in every city in Cyprus.

The pricing policy is quite adequate. However it cannot to be said that the goods are cheap. Well, the prices are not too high.

The assortment: computers, tablets, smartphones, TVs and other different gadgets. Speaking about myself, I often shop for some small gadgets in these stores. The quality of the average device is somewhere in between, but the prices are really affordable. If you don’t mind to spend your free time reading reviews on the Internet before shopping (Google help you), this store will be a good choice.

The website is quite easy to use. There is even an order tracking option. The only flaw — the website is in Greek. Let me remind you, if your order is more than 30 Euros (and it’s a very rare situation when the price of an electronic device is below that amount), you will get a free delivery.


Best buy Cyprus

The prices in this shop are higher than those by Public. The difference is insignificant by some goods, but its 20-30% more for another ones. However the assortment of this store is wider too. By the way the variety of electric shavers is great! And that’s a very useful device during the quarantine when all the hair saloons and barbershops are closed.

The design of the website is not very user-friendly. Light gray thin fonts on the white background — the colour solution that makes your eyes hurt.

The delivery is free all over the Cyprus for orders more than 50 Euros. This number is also a minimal order amount.



It’s a cool computer shop, the place where you can find something special at the best price. When I planned to buy a new Macbook, I’ve read about all the offers in Cyprus and chose this shop because its reasonable prices.

Except computers and laptops there are also smartphones, tablets, game consoles and sound systems in Bionic shop. The sections are few in number comparing to previous two shops but the assortment of goods is exhaustive.

The terms of delivery are affordable too: 3 Euros if the total amount of your order is below 20 Euros and free of charge if it is more than that. Waiting period is 2-5 working days.



Another quite popular electronics supermarket for every budget. Probably one of the cheapest on the island. But it has several significant flaws:

1. The quality of goods leaves something to be desired.

2. Lousy customer support service. You bring some broken device there, they are trying to “fix” it for weeks and give it back to you right in that condition it was before. You will be lucky if you will manage to fix it at your third or fourth attempt. And I’m speaking about how the process goes usually. I can’t imagine how long you should wait during the quarantine. At least that was my personal unpleasant experience.

3. The website is a bit glitchy. The English version of it is quite schematic; the main page is everything that is working there. What is more, you can buy something only after your registration on the website that is proceeded by typing a verification code you get via SMS. I really tried but I didn’t receive any SMS at all.

4. Many customers are complaining that the delivery during the quarantine is very slow. It’s easier to buy items on Amazon because you will get your order faster.

Speaking of Amazon, if you want to buy really cheap, you should definitely go online shopping overseas because of the best deals.



This one is a big supermarket. While other shops are specialized on computers and similar devices, this one is focused mainly on household appliances.

You will find dishwashers, washing machines, TVs, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, food storage supplies, fridges and even air conditioners.

The delivery is free of charge when the total order amount is more than 50 Euros. The delivery covers all the cities but not all areas. You have to make sure that the delivery is available for your location while you are placing an order.

Household Goods

This sphere is ruled by giant international corporations for years. They were running the show then and things did not change at the time of Corona. The only difference is that now you can buy online only. However some not very big companies like Jumbo don’t keep up with the times and are closed during the quarantine.



This big Swedish company started to promote its delivery service years ago because the only full-fledged shop is located in the capital of Cyprus — Nicosia and the idea to carry a sofa or a cupboard inside your car halfway across the country to Limassol or Pafos is definitely not a good one.

The design of the website is super user-friendly. It will be strange to expect something different from Ikea, right? The assortment is good. But you can’t order food from Ikea-café and special online store. Only the main assortment is available on the website.

The delivery is free of charge if your order is equal or more than 50 Euros. The delivery cost will be calculated individually for each order under 50 Euros. All you need is to type in your postal code and the cost will be calculated automatically. Simple and easy.

As for waiting period, it is written on the website that the delivery will be proceeded within 14 working days. According to customer reviews the period is longer because of the quarantine and the average time is up to 20 days now.


Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a large French company specialized on building supplies, equipment and tools, electrical goods, interior decorations etc.

Despite the fact that this company is almost as big as Ikea, the delivery service works not as good as its Swedish competitor.

First, you have to use an old school method if you want to order something. That means you should find the desired items in the catalogue and then make a call and tell the product codes. It’s a very strange kind of service for the international company of this level.

Second, the company can’t cope with the large number of orders due to the quarantine and is unable to meet the waiting period announced on the website. What is by the way reported on the website too.

Third, the variety of goods is way smaller than in offline store. And you can’t have a heart-to-heart with the seller and ask if they have “something like that”. You will be told something like “It’s not how it works. Please, tell the product code”.

Four, the minimal order amount is 100 Euros!

Fifth, your try to order something will take about 20 minutes being on your phone before someone answers you.

Well, Leroy Merlin is a great offline shop. The delivery service and online shopping are no good at all. Buying online in this shop is equal spending your time and nerves on useless things.


Superhome Center

It’s not some kind of a global chain of stores. Its head office is located in Nicosia. However the prices are like those by international business companies.

The store offers a good variety of tools for house and different things for nail-glue-screw kinds of works. If you need to renovate something or just want to add a new fresh look to your interior, Superhome Center is your choice then.

The website is not bad but is loading too slowly. On the other hand you can add all you need to the cart instead of waiting on the phone and cursing this world for half an hour.

The assortment is huge. Alone hand tools category consists of 1000 items. Superhome Center is capable of offering you everything you need for a renovation, repair or maintenance. Lockdown seems to be a good time for such kind of works. However we are hoping for your good sense and compassion to your neighbours who can’t escape the sounds of these processes.

Things are not clear about the delivery. The only thing I can say about it, it’s free of charge for any order amount and any location in Limassol. I tried to order a screwdriver and there wasn’t any additional cost for it.


Home Market

Home market is very similar to Superhome Center. It’s another Cyprus company selling household goods. I mention it here just in case you didn’t find all you need by the previous one or if you want to compare the prices. By the way it has a list of discounted items.

The delivery covers all island. And it’s free of charge if your order is more than 100 Euros, otherwise it will cost you only 4,95 Euros.

Courier Door to Door Delivery Services

It can be so that you want to deliver something to someone else. Or you need something specific. Or you need to send a parcel. Usually the cheapest way to send not very urgent and important things, letters and documents is to go to the post office. At the time of quarantine the work of post offices is often intermittent and some of them are even closed. That is where the work of big international delivery companies starts now. No Corona can stop them because they have their own planes and ships, what means everything you want to send will be delivered quickly and right on time. However the delivery prices will stab you right through your purse. Of course you can choose companies that are not so well known, but keep in mind that their abilities are directly proportional to their prices. All we can do is to share with you the list of possible options, but the choice is still yours.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

International courier services DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT:

All these companies are leaders when it comes to international carriage. I decided to make a one combined review about them because on the one hand these companies have much in common and on the other hand you will be able to compare them all together.

I should to admit that I myself used DHL only. And it was quite expensive to my opinion. Probably it was the only flaw I’ve noticed.

Once I needed to send one particular paper halfway across the world as quickly as possible. The deadline was very close and I thought there is no chance to make it on time. And DHL managed it! So my personal experience with this company was a good one. I use services offered by Cyprus post under normal circumstances. DHL is my choice when it’s about speed of the delivery and the price is the second thing you are thinking about in this case.

Of course the personal experience not always reflects the reality. What is more I did not know much about the other companies. To compare them I read the reviews on the websites and tried to calculate the delivery cost of one small letter from Limassol to London to see what offers each company. So, let’s see the results!

Cost: 77, 88 Euros (including pick up)
Delivery time: 5 days
Rating: 2.2 out of 5.0 (111 votes)
To calculate the delivery cost on the website you need to add a lot of details and the postal code tab not always works correctly.

TNT Express
Cost: 49,97 Euros for the fastest option and 40,97 Euros for the ordinary one
Delivery time: 5 days
Rating: 1.3 out of 5.0 (887 votes)
The website has the easiest system of calculating the quotes.

Cost: 129, 45 Euros for Express Plus, 63,37 Euros for Express and 58,96 Euros for Express Saver
Delivery time: from 1-2 to 5 days, you can choose the delivery time by yourself
Rating: 1.9 out of 5.0 (54 votes)
The calculator is also quite easy to use.

Cost: ?
Delivery time: ?
Rating: 2.7 out of 5.0 (7 votes)
I not succeeded in calculating the quotes. Right after I typed in the destinations I got “System Error” pop-up and when I clicked “show rates” button I got the following message: “Delivery date and time estimates are not available for this shipment”.

Let’s sum up. TNT Express has the most user-friendly calculating system and the lowest prices. Delivery within 1-2 days seems very appealing but DHL has higher ratings. So much for international delivery services. But the most part of the companies mentioned above do not deliver within the country. The prices are also too high. To send a letter from Limassol to Nicosia for example, it’s better to use some local delivery services instead.

G.A.P. Akis express and ACS keep the lion’s share of the whole orders. They are also both the most popular ones among the locals. The prices are one of the lowest too. So you can choose any of them. The only nuance is that all the notifications about current delivery status by G.A.P. Akis express are in Greek, what could be pretty inconvenient for those who don’t speak it. However it is not a critical reason for not using it.

One more thing about Cyprus post. In case you are waiting for a letter or a parcel during the quarantine, I would recommend you to register here It’s a good paid service that helps with the tracking of your parcels and makes the receipt procedure easier. You can use it for free during the quarantine period.

Other Stuff

We tried to write about everything people would really need to buy when it’s the time of lockdown or when there are another reasons they don’t want to go out for shopping.

According the Maslow’s hierarchy we satisfied the basic needs with our review. So we can move on to less vital online shopping. To the purchases for the soul.


Shisha Puff

Online shop selling hookahs. Lockdown is the best time for spending lazy hours with a hookah on your balcony observing the sea. So near and yet so far.

Except the hookahs you will find different accessories and a big variety of tobacco in the shop.

The delivery of this “joy” will cost you 5 Euros.


Time Bar

If you are counting the hours and minutes until lifting of all quarantine measures, why not to do it with the help of new watches. Or simply treat yourself or your loved ones with a present, which can lift up the mood.

Time bar has an online shop: However it doesn’t work practically. The sections are empty, all you can do there is to see the list of brands. To see how the watches look like, visit the Facebook page.

The delivery is free of charge.



Don’t know what to do while sitting at home? Do your muscles ache and pain because you are spending your days on a sofa? How about having a professional massage right at home? Free delivery of your massage therapist to you within Limassol! But you still have to pay for the session of course.


Antros Michail

These guys have a huge car junkyard and they will be happy to provide you with any spare parts that could be find there. Free delivery for Limassol.


The Copy Shop

This company may be very useful for you. The services include copying, scanning, laminating and other things common for this kind of place. And! They will deliver everything to you. I often hear people complaining that they need to print some papers but don’t know where to do it during the quarantine. Well, here is the solution.

To contact The Copy Shop, send a message on Facebook, call one of the following numbers: +35725353572, +35799612461 or send an email to:


Tourist Shop

Taking into account the current situation in the world you can only dream about tourism. But we hope that this activity on the island will be back soon. Corona will pass sooner or later and the useful link will be still there.

This shop will help you in both cases: if your relatives or friends want to come with a visit and otherwise when it is you, who plan to visit your loved ones abroad. You can buy some souvenirs in advance.

Here is everything you can imagine. Everything except “made in China” stuff. To be more precise: local alcoholic drinks, soaps and other cosmetics based on donkey milk, traditional sweets made out of carob, spices, olive oil and other souvenirs. If you are looking for something unusual, you can buy Ember for traditional Greek coffee for 250 Euros.

I failed to fill in the ordering form. I did not pass the address field because I couldn’t choose the district.

But there is an alternative way to order. You have to choose the items and then call the following number +35799162812 or send a letter to

The website is available in three different languages: Greek, English and Russian.

Online payment method only: by card or via PayPal.



Website to compare prices.

Finally there is such a website for Cyprus where you can compare prices in different stores and buy cheaper. Well, theoretically it exists.

Practically it is an informational portal. The most part of the goods is available only in one store. That obviously makes comparing impossible. Probably we are witnessing such a sad picture because the website is a new one and offers the variety of 2 to 10 stores in each subcategory.

There are 4 main sections there: electronics, home and garden, clothing and goods for kids. I found a glimmer of life in “smartphones”. Some of them are available for comparing in 7 various stores.

The idea is fresh and good. However at the moment this portal is quite useless. Hope it could be developed into something worthy with time. The functional and navigation are far from user-friendly now. Maybe it will change for better.

Goods Delivery in Cyprus

Well, that was all, my friends. We tried to make this review comprehensive and useful in order to navigate you through the delivery options of non-food related stuff. Hope this article will help you to make the quarantine more comfortable time. However, this information still could be helpful even when the lockdown is over. There is a possibility that the delivery services will continue to grow up and develop due to quarantine. Stay healthy, be patient and may your life be better soon while we are writing new article about the delivery of ready made foods for you.

Author: Dmitry Gridin
Translation: Inna Guseva