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Food delivery services in Cyprus
Food delivery services in Cyprus
Detailed list of stores with delivery service
Dmitry Gridin
Author: Dmitry Gridin
Translation: Inna Guseva

At the time of lockdown the questions about delivery services became important and popular more than ever. Especially that involving food delivery. There was no information on the Internet that contained a detailed review with descriptions of shops and supermarkets, which offer delivery services in Cyprus until this moment. All you could find would be brief reviews of three or four shops.

We decided to change this situation and made the most explicit and comprehensive list of shops and supermarkets that will deliver the food to your door!

New times call for new solutions. Cypriots are not big fans of new trends and often prefer to do everything in a traditional way, using old-school technologies that had stood the test of time. For example, not long ago you could see a queue of 20 people to the counter in McDonalds while the electronic terminal you can order the same things at stood abandoned and sad. The same situation is with the counters at supermarkets. New self-service zones are significantly less popular than good old living cashiers. Although times are changing. So is the world. And modern technologies and trends not bypass the island. Covid-19 made this process faster. And now those shops, which didn’t even think about any delivery services, took a single unified step into the future trying to make the life of their customers more simple and comfortable.

Now it is three different types of companies of this kind on the market: online shops that focus on the food delivery, aggregator websites that unite several shops and off-line supermarkets that offer delivery services.

The first are the most convenient and simple to use. Second ones offer wide range of opportunities and theoretically are the most perspective. But nowadays all the aggregators that are working in Cyprus are quite poor and have only few shops connected to their websites. The third category can boast a huge variety of goods but the service itself is often difficult and challenging. That’s why we can’t tell you what to choose. All we can do for you is to provide the information about all possible options so that you can make a decision by yourself.

Online supermarkets


Delivers to the most parts of Cyprus.

This independent online supermarket is shown first when you are googling for food delivery shops. The reviews are mostly positive. In the market since 2011 that causes respect. Because is the biggest (online) supermarket in Cyprus we take a more detailed look at it.

Minimal order: 40 Euros.

Payment method: by cash to the courier or by credit card online.

Delivery areas: all big cities of Cyprus. It is more complicated with the villages. You can type your postal code in the delivery section on the website to know exactly about the delivery to your place.

However availability doesn’t mean regularity. You can have your food on any working day from 11 to 19 if you are living in Nicosia or Limassol. Delivery to other cities is carried out only once a week.

The prices are about 30% higher than those in “go to the supermarket by yourself” scenario. But don’t brush it aside immediately. Firstly — the delivery is free of charge. Secondly, it is possible to buy the goods at regular prices if you manage to get the hang of it. Because many prices are quite the same comparing to the offline shops. What is more, there are promotions and discounts. And you don’t need to run around dozens of shelves to find a good deal. All discounts are shown on the special page and could be found in a few clicks.

There are Greek and English versions of the website.

To order the delivery you have to register first by filling in the form with your details (they will be automatically saved in the system). The navigation as well as interface are user-friendly. All goods have pictures and prices shown on the website. You can like goods by clicking heart sign and choose later from everything you marked with it.

You can search by brand or by category. If you have any questions or something isn’t working by you, you can always contact the support service and the staff will help you to find everything you need.

“Sections” (if I may call them so) of supermarket:

  • Bakery. There are bread, different buns with filling, fresh croissants etc.
  • Fruits and veggies. The variety is not so wide but quite enough.
  • Meat station.
  • Products for everyday usage. This section includes eggs, dairy, sausages etc.
  • Frozen foods. Meat, fish, veggies, semi-finished products.
  • Beverages.
  • Hygiene products.
  • Goods for children. Baby food, skin care, baby powder, diapers. The variety is not much to work with.
  • Household goods. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food for animals etc.

This online shop is good in general. Its benefits are reasonable prices and easy navigation. If you still have any doubts and think that home delivery is something complicated, almost impossible to manage screw-it thing, just take a look anyway. I think there will be no more questions and doubts. The only flaw of — there is only one shop in Cyprus. And when it's the situation everyone need home delivery, like now at the time of Corona, the shop can’t keep up with the amount of orders and the waiting period can be extended to several weeks.



Delivers everywhere except Pafos and Troodos.

Cheapbasket is a real leader in sphere of delivery services. The time the company was created goes back to Conqueror — it was in 1968. At that time it was only the bicycle with a basket and a seller who used it to deliver the orders. But please, don’t worry, those days are long gone. Now the company disposes of five own trucks.

The delivery is free. Minimum order amount is 40 Euros. According to the information on the website, your order will be delivered at the same day you’ve made it. Except holidays and weekends. However during the lockdown the waiting time is about two weeks. So we are moving on, if you don’t mind such terms.

Well, the website is quite minimalistic. The only version of it is on English. Both the fonts and sections are too small for easy reading. The page freezes for few seconds before opening of each new section.

It is often so: you are trying to open one page while the other begins to load. That annoys a lot. All goods are provided with photo, description and price. There is no like option at all.

The ad proudly says that the variety of goods goes above 2000. Is this number big or small? Just for comparison’s sake, an average European supermarket has about 50000 of goods. An ordinary supermarket near your home has about 5000. So 2000 — is a bit less than a half of a small supermarket.

In reality it means that there is everything you need but you can’t choose between the many different brands.

Prices don’t differ much from those in a common supermarket. Taking into account free delivery — they are really low.

To sum up the info: it is small and not very convenient for using private online shop that offers products at quite good prices. Let’s rate it as “okayest”.



Mostly for Larnaka.

Special online shop selling goods from Russia. In fact it can suit anyone because except Russian it also has things from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and local ones. There is plenty more to choose from even for those who are pretty far from Russian culture. But it could be complicated to make an order because the website is on Russian only.

The website doesn’t look modern and beautifully designed. Like it was made by some freshman designer. Maybe that’s how it was indeed. For example they put section with “tasty recipes” on the main page without any particular reason. However if we put aside confusing inventions, awful fonts and disgusting colour palette, the navigation is more or less intuitive. It is hard to get confused on this website what is more important at the end of the day than the good design.

Another plus point — for the photos of all products. However the pictures were definitely made not by some professional photographer but by some enthusiast in the way they call it “wham, bam”. That’s why it is not always obvious from the picture what kind of goods it is. And some pictures just look unappetizing.

If you have any problems with ordering from this website, you can contact the staff by using the form in the bottom right corner for online chat with the consultant or call the support. The phone number is shown above.

The assortment is highly commendable. The variety of goods is really wide. There are five main sections:

  • Groceries,
  • Beverages,
  • Fruits and vegetables,
  • Bakery/pastry,
  • Household goods.

And 35 sub-sections! I will not reiterate each of them here. Let me just say that you will find there the standard set of supermarket goods: eggs, dairy, canned food, grits, household chemicals etc. Unusual subsections include foods from local farms, custom designed cakes, menu for celebrations at your choice and…even a pharmacy! But if you check it, you will find only bicarbonate of soda, cough drops and sherbet. You can probably heal only the obesity with an arsenal as big as this one. The prices are affordable. Some goods are even cheaper than in local supermarkets. For example cottage cheese costs surprisingly less than usual. On the other hand, some products like chicken or buckwheat are more expensive. The average prices are okay though.

For some reason there is no common section for delivery service on the website. You will find the information about it in the “About us” section. Who knows why…

Delivery in Larnaka will take one working day. Outside Larnaka (for Limassol, Nicosia, Pafos etc) — within two working days. You will most likely not order from other cities because the delivery cost in this case will be prohibitive unreasonable. With similar success you can go outside, find some passerby, give him or her money for shopping and taxi and tell to go to the nearest offline Russian shop. It will cost you even less.

Well, here are some concrete figures.

Delivery prices:

  • 20 Euros within Larnaka, minimal order is 100 Euros. Free of charge if your order is more than 100 Euros.
  • 50 Euros to Agia Napa, Protaras and Limassol, minimum order amount not less than 300 Euros. Free of charge if your order is more than 300 Euros.
  • 70 Euros to Pafos, minimal order is 500 Euros. Free of charge if your order is more than 500 Euros.

What means you should have a really big family to buy goods for 300-500 Euros or join together with someone and do a “potluck” shopping. But why do we need such complexity? No one disputes that the goods from Russia, Romania or Belarus are great, but you can easily find them in any city in Cyprus.

There are only two payment options: by cash to the courier or by credit card online (using PayPal system).

Okay. Kalinka shop is made imperfectly but with love to the customers. Well it’s a good store, too bad that only citizens of Larnaka are those who can know about its true value.


Fresco online supermarket

For Limassol.

Another small private non-chain online supermarket. The total number of goods titles is about 5000. So it is like a small store nearby your house. Which means you can buy everything you need there but you would better do not count on broad variety. The prices of most goods are equivalent to those in offline stores. Some things cost 20-30% more.

Website is intuitive, simple and easy to use. All the goods have descriptions and pictures. Frankly speaking, the photos are taken not by professionals. In contrast to Kalinka shop it is always clear what kind of goods is on the picture, the food sometimes looks unappetizing though. And the design itself is quite minimalistic and awakes depression instead of desire to buy something.

The website allows you to create your own wishlist — a list of products you want to buy. But the heart button shows up only when you are opening the page with each item separately. You can’t add the item to your wishlist from the main catalogue.

The company has its own courier service. Minimal order is 25 Euros. The delivery will cost you 2,5 Euros. Free of charge if your order is 40 Euros or more.

There are Russian and English versions of the website.



For Limassol.

It is specialized European online store selling beverages. It was opened recently and available only in one city of Cyprus — Limassol.

You can order here both non-alcoholic (mineral water, juices, soda) and alcoholic drinks (whiskey, beer, liquor, vodka, wine etc.). Not very expensive items like juice, beer or mineral water are sold in packs. For example, minimum pack of beer is 4 cans.

Many goods cost same prices comparing to common supermarkets. Some items cost 20-30% more.

Expensive alcoholic drinks are sold by the piece. The variety is wide. For example I’ve counted 74 different brands and it’s only for whiskey! The price differs from 6 to 500 Euros for a bottle. There’s plenty more to choose from for every budget.

Payment method: by cash or by credit card — both to the courier. It’s not available to pay in advance.

Free delivery. You can choose the day and the exact time of the delivery (with the time interval of one hour) on the website.

Minimum order amount is 15 Euros.

You can order using the website or the app. An interesting note: allows you to order without the registration. All you need is to leave your telephone number and type in the verification code.

The website on its own is a bit glitchy, some buttons work only when you press them twice or even three times. Some algorithms are written sloppy and that’s annoying. For example you press the “pay” button and find yourself on the page with address form. You fill in the form with your address and ending up on the page with the main menu. You press “pay” button again and find yourself somewhere else. Like some dumb quest where you should go there and back to be able finally pay for your order. It might be not fatal or critical but well, that could have gone better.

However there is an online support chat on the website where you can type all you want to ask about and have competent counseling.

By the way you should enter your birth date to use the website. It’s “closed” for persons under 18 years of age. Of course no one will check your real age. is especially convenient when you need to order a big amount of water (the prices on the website are quite affordable) and have no desire to carry it by yourself or in situation when you want to buy a good alcohol but have no wish and no time to run around the city searching for something specific. Just imagine you are spending a lazy Saturday in your pajamas when it’s a knock at the door and voila — a bottle of good quality whiskey is here! Nice!

Food delivery services in Cyprus

Wine and more

For all Cyprus.

It’s another online beverage store (this time — only alcoholic ones) with the delivery service. The website looks pretty, however the fonts are too small. It’s not convenient to read them. Aside from that everything is okay. It’s easy to find the items using the catalogue. All goods have detailed description (few paragraphs), photo and price.

The total number of titles is less than 500. For example there are 39 types of beer (what is quite modest for online shop) and 15 kinds of whiskey (remember 74 different brands in the previous shop). So you can order some alcoholic drinks here, but don’t count on a wide variety.

The prices are a bit higher than in offline stores, for about 20%.

Delivery will cost you from 2 to 6 Euros depending on the area you live in. For example it's 2 Euros for Limassol. If your order is more than 70 Euros, you will get a free delivery to any place in Cyprus.

Payment method: by cash to the courier or online via PayPal.

All in all this store looks not good enough and obviously suffers by comparison to its competitors as regards assortment and terms of delivery.



For most parts of Cyprus.

The company produces its own dairy. The prices are much higher comparing to any Polish dairy that is sold in all big supermarkets in Cyprus. However, the company emphasizes the health benefits of its products. Like they use only right eco technologies kind of ad. That’s why the high price did not prevent the company to find its customers. Enough people want eat healthy food and overpay for it. Mothers of small children are among its loyal devotees.

“Miradar” company has Russian roots and the assortment of products in the shop is more Slavic related: cottage cheese, ryazhenka (traditional fermented milk product), sweet whey, matsoni, smetana (sour cream) etc.

You will also find here semi-processed goods: syrniki (fried quark pancakes), bliny (traditional Russian pancakes), vareniki (filled dumplings). Except these Miradar produces its own ice cream — number one anti-stress food during the quarantine.

The website is available on English and Russian languages. The list of goods is quite short but there is enough to choose from. Every item has description, picture and price. is a nice and cozy website with an intuitive interface. Both the fonts and the photos are big enough. The website was definitely created by some professionals who have known what exactly the phrase “made for people” means.

The ordering process is standard. You click the goods you like and they will be added to your basket. The next step is to click the basket button, type your info in the form (name, phone number, e-mail and delivery address). After that you will proceed to check out where you will see the total amount of your order and the calculating formula: total price of all the goods + delivery cost = the total amount you should pay.

There is no minimum order amount. Delivery cost within Limassol is about 3 Euros what is significantly less than in other similar online stores. Delivery to the neighbourhood areas of Limassol — 4 Euros, to another parts of Cyprus — 5 Euros.

But you will get the delivery for free if your order is more than 30 Euros, whether you are living in Limassol or not. Who will spend more than 30 Euros on dairy products is another question to answer. Taking into account that this type of goods has a very short shelf-life. You need to have a really big family or be “dairy” addictive to buy it in such amounts.

You can also order a delivery by calling +357 25711188.


Nature's bio product

For all Cyprus.

It’s a huge online supermarket of organic products. However it is focused more on different kind of dietary supplements and cosmetics, there are also foods to choose from: the total of 498 titles! Nature’s bio product has by the way a wide range of baby food.

The prices for the organic goods are obviously higher than those for common ones in local supermarkets near your home. As they say: if you want to life a perfect life, you should pay for it. The website is quite convenient but the fonts are too small to read easily. Each item has several pictures (the main thing — they have photos that shows the ingredients and calorie content — the information that is often written in the small print), a description and even “feedback” section. Well, it is empty by the most part of the goods. You can use the categories or a searching bar if you are looking for something specific. It is also available to search products by brands.

There is a “wishlist” option, so you don’t need to look for something twice, all the goods you liked will be available in your personal account.

The website is on Greek and English.

Considering the navigation and design, I will give it A- (minus because the small fonts).

You will get a free delivery if your order is more than 100 Euros and weights less than 5 kilos. If it is less than 100 Euros or the weight is more than 5 kilos, the delivery will cost you 5 Euros. You need to pay extra cost for every additional 5 kilos. Anyway you will see the calculated delivery cost before you pay for your order.

Payment method: by cash to the courier or by bank transfer.

Aggregator websites


For the most parts of the country.

This is not a store but an aggregator website where different companies offer their services. Well, technically, Foody specializes mostly on delivery of ready meals. This kind of food is the most popular on the island at the moment. But you can find some not cooked products on this website too.

People living in Nicosia are the luckiest. To their service are: Foodsaver (frozen food store), Blue Island (fish supermarket) and for some time now even the most popular chain of supermarkets in Cyprus — Alphamega!

It isn’t much for Limassol. PNS Food Supplies is in charge for everyday products and frozen foods. By the way the assortment in this store is good. There is also a wine supermarket and a sweets store. That’s all. While I was writing this article, Alphamega have expanded its coverage very quickly and now delivers to Limassol too. But not to all parts of it.

They have only one store selling fruits and vegetables there in Larnaka. So the most services of the website wouldn’t work for its citizens.

The situation is no better in Pafos. There is only one kiosk with the following variety of foods: chips, beer, cigarettes etc. Of course you can’t made a whole course meal if you are shopping there.

The interface of Foody is not very convenient and intuitive comparing to It might be not super easy for people who are not used to searching the web everyday.

All supermarket goods are shown without pictures and that is the biggest flaw of this aggregator website. Would this or that item suit your taste? Who knows. But you can play a guessing game.

On the other hand the delivery terms are simple and clear. Every store has its own delivery period, prices, minimum order amount (for example it’s quite cheap by PNS Food Supplies — only 25 Euros) and payment method.

Delivery areas: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka and Pafos.

The website is available on Greek and on English.

You need a registration to pay for your order: enter your contact info (the data will be saved in the system for later use) and choose payment method. By the way you can tick the “leave my order in front of the door” option if you don’t want to meet the courier for some reason. However not all the couriers understand what it means, so some of them put down the bag with your order and stand there waiting for you.

SMS notifications are on Greek.

The website may scare you with its navigation system at first. But you will get used to it and find out it’s quite easy. But still not super easy like by Despite the lack of photos of the goods and limited variety of stores this website is one of the most popular in this sphere. As for ready meals delivery — it is second to none. Its trusted users have no desire to search for something else and shop in supermarkets via Foody.

Food delivery services in Cyprus

Some no name private delivery service

For most parts of Cyprus.

It is not an aggregator, these guys don’t even have own website. They are just couriers who deliver foods. They appeared during the quarantine period as an answer for the recent self-isolation trend. But if we put aside the details, this kind of service is very close to what the aggregators do.

How it works? You just call +357 96 789074, tell in which stores they have to go and what to buy for you (you can speak Russian, English or Greek) and the goods will be delivered to you for a flat fee of 15 Euros. There is no weight and quantity limit.

Well, frankly speaking, the price is not only high, but also discourages from ordering anything. In all fairness, it is worth mentioning that the distance of the delivery is quite far. It covers Limassol ±100 km and Pafos ±80 km. And within 100 km from Limassol located Nicosia, Larnaka and all Troodos.

That’s why this offer will be beneficial for people in remote mountain villages during the lockdown because there aren’t any proper supermarkets in the mountains and no one has the opportunity to go shopping in Nicosia or Limassol. So it could be a great solution to use this kind of delivery services. Especially if you could find some neighbours to unite with and split the delivery cost.

Offline stores that offer delivery services


For Nicosia, Limassol and Pafos.

It is one of the biggest offline chain stores in Cyprus. Unfortunately they don’t have a proper online shop for some reason, but you can muddle through and somehow use their delivery website.

There is no catalogue on the website, only the online version of advertising magazine. Of course it includes not the whole assortment of goods. Mainly some discounted items. Well, not much to choose from actually. There are about 12 different goods in each section. Another option is simply remember the titles of things you have seen when you were in the store for the last time.

Just contact the delivery service when you are ready to order.

Phone numbers:
Nicosia: +357 22552995,
Limassol: +357 25369999,
Pafos: +357 26936600.


The delivery is free of charge. But please, note, that the minimal order is 100 Euros. And the delivery is available within 10 km from the nearest supermarket! You will receive your order within the period of 1-2 working days since you made it.

It looks like the website itself was made by professionals, concerning its design at least. However some pop-up windows are constantly disturbing you to read the text and the functionality of the portal is quite low. The only goal the website reaches successfully is informational. And that is weak too.

The website is available on three languages: English, Russian and Greek.

All in all it is possible to order the delivery of goods in Papantoniou. The advantage of this supermarket is that it has almost everything you will need. On the other hand the whole process of ordering is very troubled.



For big cities of the country.

It is another big supermarkets chain in Cyprus. Probably the biggest one. Like in the case with Papantoniou, there is no sign of delivery services on its website. But it is available, however only in its infancy.

To order the delivery you have to send your list to the following e-mail: It is worth mentioning that they answer very quickly.

There is no minimum order amount; you will get your order even if it is only one onion. The delivery cost is fixed — 8 Euros.

How to generate an order? Kind of how you write your grocery list before you go shopping. The more detailed you will describe the goods and its titles, the better. So you write the list, send it and wait. The delivery will be completed within two-three days.

Where to find the information about the products? You have four options.

  1. In your memory.
  2. In the advertising magazine on the website. It contains mostly discount items.
  3. Life hack: if you need some specific brand of cheese you don’t remember you can google it. For example if you need Emmental cheese, type “Emmental cheese Alphamega” in the searching bar. It is most likely the fortune will favour you. This is a good solution but not very quick though.
  4. Super life hack: open Choose Limassol or Nicosia and voila! Click on “Alphamega” on the list and you will see the list of the goods with prices. However it’s also not a panacea: the list is not complete and there aren’t any pictures of the items. But it is the most detailed list you can find on the Internet.

How convenient is that? Well, I agree, absolutely not. But in such situations like the current coronavirus pandemic we should be grateful even for that. Alphamega is really big supermarket and you probably will not find some of the items they sell anywhere else. So the choice is up to you.



For Nicosia, Larnaka and Limassol.

Spar is not so widely known in Cyprus comparing to the supermarkets I’ve mentioned above. However it’s a big chain store by itself with more than 13 thousand shops all over the world.

Spar in Cyprus also doesn’t have full-fledged online shop but it went a bit further than other supermarkets. But not too far. There is delivery page on the website with its terms on Greek and English. You can call, send e-mail or contact via Facebook group.

For Nicosia:
Phone number: +357 96700341, +357 96910353, Email: Smcentral@Ermes.Com.Cy

For Larnaka:
Phone number: +357 24259040, Email: Customer.Service@Spar.Com.Cy

For Limassol:
Phone number: +357 96700323, +357 25591133, Email: Csolympia@Ermes.Com.Cy

Facebook page address:

The delivery will cost you from 3 to 5 Euros (depending on your location). If your order is more than 20 Euros, you will get the delivery for free. Spar has its own delivery service.

What about the catalogue of the goods, the situation is the same as with two previous shops — there’s only advertising magazine with the list of discount items.


Edem Garden

For Pafos.

Edem garden is a small chain of stores that includes three supermarkets in Pafos. There are a lot of pictures of sections and counters on the website. If you take time and watch the pictures more closely, you probably will identify a lot of goods. However the idea is dubious and far from great.

The main flaw of the website — there is only one version of it and it is on Greek. But don’t worry, you have very little to do there and it’s not practically helpful in matters of delivery. If you’re far from fluent Greek speaking you can visit its page on Facebook and read the info in English. By the way you will find the advertising magazine with actual offers and discounts there, which could be helpful for researching the variety of goods.

Edem garden offers free delivery services. The minimum order amount is just 20 Euros. As you might already notice it is one of the best deals nowadays. You can order on Facebook or by calling the following phone numbers: +357 26600980, +357 26270905, +357 26600813.

The order is created as usual: you just make a list of all goods you need and provide it to the shop.

You can see that Edem garden is a customer oriented company and tries to make its services advantageous and convenient. It’s a good shop for the people in Pafos.


Philippos Supermarkets

The main flaw of this shop is the areas it covers. Peyia and Coral bay are quite small districts near Pafos. So it can please a very limited amount of locals and tourists with the delivery services.

The rest are only benefits. First of all Philippos went further than other stores and created a photo gallery of its goods with prices. That’s super cool and convenient. And very logical too. It’s a bit weird that big supermarkets don’t have this feature when such a small store like Philippos that includes only two shops turned out to be at the top of the game.

But there are a few nuances. Some sections like for example “delicacies” are not complete and limited by the list of the titles. The main part of goods has pictures though.

This store is kind of transition from offline to online store. Despite the website offers you more or less detailed catalogue of goods, there is no option for ordering them online. You need to call the phone to make an order:

Coral bay: +357 26343115

Peyia: +357 26621622

or contact the shop via Facebook.

Because the delivery area is small, this service is free of charge.

The second nice bonus: the website has three versions: on English, on Greek and on Russian. The Russian version has tons of spelling mistakes but they don’t disturb much the understanding. is designed nice and convenient. There are not many sections, which helps to navigate easily. You will also find an advertising magazine with relevant discounts here.



For Limassol, Nicosia and Pafos.

Sclavenitis is a chain store that includes about two dozens of medium and huge supermarkets that replaced former Carefour. Despite the name change, the assortment of goods stayed the same. So the range of products is really wide.

The website of the company is quite weak. There is an official website but it has only three sections: offers, shops and contacts. You will find the advertising catalogue in “Offers” section. Except it there is nothing to catch on the website.

The Facebook page is also a little use — it’s empty, no single post.

It’s quite difficult to figure out that the company offers delivery services. However it is available. To order the goods you have to call one of the following numbers:

  • The Mall of Engomi +357 22 355545,
  • Mall of Cyprus +357 22 570970,
  • Latsia +357 22 486570,
  • Pafos Kings Avenue Mall +357 26 205555.


MAS Supermarkets

For most cities of Cyprus.

There are 43 small supermarkets all over the island. Like with the previous one, there are no signs of delivery services on the website. But it is there. However it’s not a single office service. To make an order you have to visit the website and choose the shop nearest to your home. And than — call the phone number or send a letter on the e-mail written on the website. Please note, not all the shops offer delivery services. Some of them will accept the list of the goods you need to buy, gather all products and give it to you at the shop entrance. What means you will need to go out.

The website is convenient and simple. There are two versions: on Greek and on English. It also has catalogue with discounts.


Foodsaver Stores

For most parts of the country.

Foodsaver stores is a chain store that includes nine small shops that sell mostly frozen food and other products that require storing in the fridge. The website is available both on English and on Greek. There isn’t a discount catalogue. Its “Products” section has pictures of the goods but it’s quite problematic to use it for an order. Some pictures are detailed ones, some are just wide shots. The prices are not shown on the website. It’s useless in the long run even as a supplementary source.

The company doesn’t have its own delivery service but it is actively cooperating with the previously mentioned Foody. See above the delivery terms.


Etherio Bio Stores

For Limassol and Nicosia district.

Etherio Bio Stores is a chain store that includes eleven shops specializing on healthy food and organic cosmetics. A large number of the stores is located in Nicosia and neighbourhood areas. One shop is situated in Limassol.

You can buy such products as vegan cheese, diet cookies (even though the “diet” cookies are a myth), different kind of dried fruits, chocolate, energy bars, organic flour, homemade macaroni, farm bread, fresh vegetables that were grown without using any chemicals etc. here. The website has also a catalogue with discount offers. It is beautifully designed however there are only few products listed.

In fact the company has its own online shop You probably are curious why I put Etherio Bio Stores together with offline supermarkets instead online store section. The answer is: because unfortunately it’s impossible to use Etherio Bio Stores online shop for ordering any goods. Well, it didn’t work by me.

The main problem is that the “add to basket” button isn’t working. No matter how many times I tried to choose one or another item — the result was the same.

The list of the goods also doesn’t work properly. The photos aren’t loading but the size of the empty window indicates that they should be there. It is also strange that the website of online store (!) doesn’t have any log in form.

I assume that the development of is still in process that’s why not all functions are working yet. On the other hand it might be created using “whatever” method.

But if you have enough time to “suffer” while opening each product page separately to see the picture, the website could be used as a shopping catalogue. Particularly since it is possible to order the delivery using old-school technologies — by calling the phone. Open this page to find the offline supermarket nearby (there are maps that make this process simpler), call the number that is shown together with the address and make your order according to the online catalogue.

Just one more feature: there’s quite interesting offer on the website — the basket with fruits and vegetables. Lettuce, tomatoes, apples, oranges, parsley and carrots are inside. Two kilos of everything (except lettuce and parsley). The price of the basket is 15 Euros. Well, you can’t order it online, but why not to order it using the phone.

To make an order, open this page, choose the closest shop and call the given phone number.

There isn’t minimum order amount. You will get the delivery for free if your order is more than 50 Euros. If your order is under 50 Euros, the delivery will cost you 4 Euros.

Many people have no opportunity to move around because of the lockdown. They start stress eat that can cause overweight problems. This store offers mostly healthy foods delivered straight to your door. “Mostly” because of course not all the goods are hundred percent healthy. Health benefits of some of them are just a piece of marketing. However many products are definitely healthier than those in ordinary supermarkets.


Fruit and vegetable market in Palouriotissa

For Nicosia only.

There is no website. As well as Facebook page. But there is a delivery service. Free of charge by the way.

What you can order here: fresh fruits and vegetables, bakery, grocery and fresh meat.

To get everything you will need, just call +357 95723250.

Payment method: to the courier by cash or by visa card.

The delivery is made on a daily basis, except Sundays, from 08:00 to 17:00. The minimum order amount is only 10 Euros. The delivery will cost you 3 Euros.

The benefit of this offer is that all the goods are fresh out of farms.


Kritikos Cash & Carry Supermarkets

For Oroklini and Larnaka.

It’s a small supermarket chain that includes two not big stores. The assortment is standard. Like in any other supermarket of such size in Cyprus. There is no website. Facebook page is also not active and serves rather as a business card.

To order the delivery, call the following number: +357 24 644440.

The delivery service is free of charge. Speaking about the minimum order amount, the staff of the shop was unable to say for sure limiting itself to the reply that “there isn’t any minimal order but the order should not be too small”. What does “too small” mean is anyone’s guess.


Super Discount Store

For Larnaka and Nicosia. Limassol will be included to the list very soon. But at the time of this writing it was unavailable to order the delivery to this city.

It is a large network of small supermarkets that sell products with discounts. The large number of the shops is located in Larnaka and Nicosia. One shop was opened in Limassol. Basically all the goods (not only those with discounts) are sold at reasonable prices.

The assortment is quite standard. The main focus is on the products like different snacks, biscuits, coffee etc. — everything that don’t get spoiled with the time. However there are also grocery department and goods for everyday use.

The company doesn’t have a website but its Facebook page is quite “alive”.

The delivery within Larnaka and Nicosia will cost you 5 Euros. The minimum order amount is 50 Euros.

You can make an order in the following ways:

  • by calling the phone numbers: +357 99222438, +357 99229523,
  • by sending an e-mail:,
  • by leaving a message on Facebook.



For Larnaka.

There is no website. Actually the website and even an online shop once existed but it’s all in the past. It is also quite difficult to find its Facebook page. The shop specializes on products from Russia. The variety of alcoholic drinks, traditional Russian dairy, fish from the northern seas, dumplings etc. is good.

To order the delivery, call the phone number: +357 99132240.

Minimum order amount is 25 Euros. But as far as I understood, it is negotiable.

Delivery cost is 5 Euros within Larnaka. 7 Euros to the remote areas.



For citizens of Limassol and Larnaka.

Two supermarkets (it is planned to open the third shop in Nicosia in 2020 but at the time of writing it is not opened yet) that are specialized on Russian foods and items.

Gourmet has quite good, convenient to use and simple website. There is only English version of it.

You will find all the goods with pictures and descriptions there. However it has a few flaws as well. Firstly, the prices are not shown on the website, secondly — there aren’t any sections on the website only one long list with all the goods. It’s really not very convenient to search for something specific.

Different companies offer the delivery to the different cities. That’s why the terms of it are different too.


To make an order, call +357 24103293 or send a message on Facebook.

Delivery cost is 5 Euros within the city, 7 Euros for remote areas (Oroklini, Dhekelia etc).

Minimal order is 30 Euros.


To make an order, call +357 25313112 or send a message on Facebook.

The delivery terms in Limassol are more tangled. There isn’t minimum order amount. The delivery price starts at 6,75 Euros (delivery within Moutaggiaka, Germasogeia and Agios Tychonas), 11,75 Euros to other parts of the town and 16,75 Euros outside Limassol.

And that’s not all. Gourmet calculates not only the length of the distance but also the weight of your order. You have to pay 6,75 Euros for every additional 25 kilos.

The standard delivery will proceed on the next day. You can pay an additional cost and receive your order at the same day. This service will cost you 8,95 Euros. And if you need your order immediately, you can pay 15,95 Euros and receive it within two hours.

Well, the diversity of delivery options is good, however the prices are far from reasonable.


Cavaway Wine and Drinks Trading LTD

For citizens of Larnaka and Livadia

Cavaway Wine and Drinks Trading LTD is one of the biggest distributor companies in Cyprus that specializes in alcoholic drinks. The company mostly sells it in bulk. There is an offline shop with the area about 1000 quadrat meters in Larnaka.

You can order the delivery here by calling the following phone numbers: :+357 70008588, +357 24637177 or by sending an e-mail to

There is no minimum order amount. If your order costs less than 50 Euros, you have to pay 5 Euros for the delivery. You get a free delivery if your order is above 50 Euros.

The website of the company will not help you with your order. There are only heroic tales about the history of the company and partnership offers. What about the alcoholic drinks, I assume that it’s not really hard to make a choice because the most part of the customers know very well what exactly do they want. And if you have seen the desired brand anywhere on the island, they more likely have it at Cavaway too.


S.P. Ayios Tychonas Supermarket

For citizens of Limassol and its nearby areas: Agios Tychonas, Armenochori, Moutaggiaka, Germasogeia, Parekklisia, Pyrgos, Moni.

It is a small supermarket that sells everything you will need: vegetables, fruits, bread, frozen food, goods for everyday use, cigarettes and SIM cards.

Minimum order amount is 30 Euros (cigarettes and SIM cards are not included).

The delivery is free of charge.

To make an order, send a message on Facebook or call one of the following numbers: +357 25314921 or +357 25212071.



For Limassol, Pafos and Famagusta.

Hurray! It turns out Lidl supermarkets have a delivery! Cool. But there is one significant nuance. You can order only the barbeque for 369 Euros and literally nothing else. Perhaps they decided that you may forget about anything else but the barbeque is the thing no Cypriot can spend the lockdown without. I should admit it’s a really strange decision.


ZITRONE Health Food Store

For Limassol.

Zitrone Health Food Store describes itself as an organic products shop with the cheapest prices.

There is a section on the website where you can find an Excel file with the list of all the products. The total number of titles is 881. Of course there aren’t any photos in this file, but each title has a short description.

To make an order, call the following number +357 99552503, use Viber +357 99681067 or send a letter to

The delivery is free of charge if your order is more than 50 Euros. It will cost you 3 Euros if your order is from 30 to 50 Euros. You can’t make an order if the total amount of goods is less than 30 Euros.


Περίπτερο KIOSK

For Limassol.

Kiosk offers a standard assortment: cigarettes, drinks, coffee, sweets and goods for everyday use.

To make an order call the following phone number +357 99419591 or send a message on Facebook.

I couldn’t get any detailed information about delivery cost and minimum order amount.


Farm Fresh Deliveries Cyprus

For Larnaka and neighborhood areas.

The shop sells farm products. It differs from other shops by its approach to the sales. The delivery offers boxes with different products.

There are three types of boxes:

  • Fruit box.
    It includes apples, oranges, pears, bananas, kiwis, avocados, grapes or strawberries. The total weight is 4 kilos.
  • Vegetable box.
    It includes: lettuce, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, lemons, garlic and zucchinis. The total weight is also 4 kilos.
  • Mix box.
    It includes everything mentioned above.

If the content of the boxes doesn’t impress you, you can use good old list of the goods to make an order. Particularly since it’s not a supermarket where you’d better to know the specific brands of some products like sausage for example, everything is less complicated when it comes to fruits and vegetables. A lemon is a lemon even when you’re in Africa.

The company doesn’t have a website, but its Facebook page is quite active and informational. There is a list of all available products: 21 kinds of fruits and 31 of vegetables.

It’s more profitable to buy a ready box because its delivery is always free of charge. The price of one box is 15 Euros (12 Euros for club members).

If you decide to create the order by yourself, the delivery will cost you 2,5 Euros. The minimal order amount is still 15 Euros.

To buy products by Farm Fresh Deliveries Cyprus send a message on Facebook or call the following number: +357 94 047788.

The delivery is carried out twice a week: on Wednesdays and on Saturdays.

The company recently plans to extend the coverage of the delivery services to all Cyprus. At the time of writing it is still in process.


Fruits, vegetables and bulk items delivery in Larnaca area

Despite it stands “Larnaca area” in the title of the company, it started recently the delivery of products to Limassol and Nicosia too.

It is another farm in Larnaka that opened the delivery service. There are no ready boxes but the company has its own cute features. For example at the time of writing it was following: whatever you order, you will get an additional kilo of cucumbers for free.

Another interesting moment: except fruits and veggies these guys sell homemade olive oil and honey.

Delivery cost: 5 Euros.

To make an order, write them on Facebook or call the following phone number +357 95723134.

You can pay by cash or make a bank transfer.

The delivery is carried out daily, except Saturdays.


Сhristodoulos Farm

For all Cyprus.

It’s a big farm not far from Paralimni. It offers both its own production and imported goods.

The design of the website is not bad. All fruits and vegetables on the pictures look very appetizing and mouth watering.

To make an order, call one of these phone numbers +357 23 822141, +357 23740590 or send a letter to

By the way I have to warn you that the company’s approach to the customer service is a bit weird. When I called to ask how much will the delivery cost and do they have a minimal order amount, I was told I should call another phone number because they don’t know. I noted that the number I call is on their website as a contact for delivery service and the company representative just hung up on me. May be the reason is that I spoke English. There’s a good chance it will not happen if you speak Greek.

The delivery is carried out daily (except Sundays) from 5 am to 1 am.

The website is available both on Greek and on English.



For all Cyprus.

Detelina is a company that specializes on expensive organic dairy. Basically you can buy its products in such supermarkets like Papantoniou and Alphamega, the variety on the website is a bit wider though. You can buy yoghurt, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, ryazhenka etc. Except these products Detelina also sells other organic farm goods: fruits, veggies, bread and meat. You can see the dairy assortment on the website but if you want to buy something except it, you have to ask for the information by the phone.

The delivery is free of charge and is carried out within 48 hours.

To make an order, call this phone number: +357 25715450.

Food delivery services in Cyprus

There are several more big chain supermarkets in Cyprus. For example Metro, Smart discount shops, So Easy Stores etc. But at the time of writing they didn’t have a delivery service — refuse walking in step with the times.

Only Metro has added, “Pick up” to the list of its services, but it is still a half-measure. It works as follows. You call the supermarket in advance and ask to gather certain products for you. When all the products are packed, you will get a call that you may come and pick it up. That means you still need to go out but you can avoid meeting people in supermarket.
To sum up the info, there are three important key moments in process of ordering the delivery to your home: the delivery cost, minimal order amount and the assortment. As far as we could see analyzing the existed offers, the variations differ from one store to another.

Here is top 3 best offers according to the customer preferences:

  1. Supermarketcy — wide range of goods, the delivery terms are not the best but quite good.
  2. Alphamega — a supermarket the people get used to and already love. Even the bugs of its delivery service can’t beat this love.
  3. Foody — despite its poor variety of products, its website is one of the most popular and demanded in Cyprus.

Except these leaders we told you about all online shops in this article. But the list of supermarkets that offer the delivery of goods is not full. Some local small shops were not included in the review. At least now you have variations to choose from and know more about this new for many people option — “home delivery”.

Keep calm and stay healthy!