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Top 5 Best Beach Restaurants in Cyprus
Top 5
Best Beach Restaurants in Cyprus
Evgenia Bravo
Author: Evgenia Bravo

It’s not a secret to anyone that Cyprus is a gastronomical heaven (or, at least, a significant part of this heaven, spread among several different countries). Traditional Meze plates, seasonal fish and vegetables, kleftiko, moussaka, and a variety of other dishes — you can literally try a new one every day. And Cyprus coffee, of course. Or a glass of fine local wine? We recommend not to be ashamed of a natural gastronomical interest and plan your visits to restaurants thoroughly so that you have something to look back to until your next visit. Our top-5 restaurants on the beach review could be of some help here.


The Lush restaurant and bar in Larnaca

The Lush restaurant and bar in Larnaca is located on the Mackenzie beach. Try fresh oysters, chicken salad with Halloumi cheese, fried calamari, sushi, Ribeye steak and even traditional burgers here. At the bar, visitors are offered a great choice of cocktails (including non-alcoholic ones) and fresh squeezed juices. In a warm season it feels especially good to stretch on the pillows in the restaurant’s patio, listen to live music and watch vacationers and planes, which are constantly taking off and landing at Larnaca international airport.


The Lighthouse Family restaurant and bar in Limassol

The Lighthouse Family is a beach restaurant with a romantic name and even more so interior, which is located in the touristic center of Limassol. Here visitors can try not only traditional Mediterranean dishes but also Japanese and European cuisine. For example, salmon tartare, seafood pasta, smoked duck salad, and even borsch are on the menu. The terrace of the restaurant is almost connected to a pier; from here you can enjoy a picturesque view of the sea. Sunbeds on a restaurant’s small private beach are a great way to enjoy lunch or dinner, without taking a swimsuit off.


The Hobo restaurant in Paphos

The Hobo restaurant in Paphos is overlooking the Mediterranean castle and the Paphos harbor. If you are not afraid of pelicans lingering next to your plate, take a seat on the terrace and try a seasonal salad or any of traditional European dishes listed on the menu. Coffee and wine are also served here.


The Baths of Aphrodite restaurant in Latchi

The Baths of Aphrodite is a traditional Cypriot and Greek restaurant distinguished by its beneficial location on the territory of the national park, next to the Baths of Aphrodite site. Take a trail down to the beach or take pleasure in watching the sea in the distance from the window. We also recommend trying local wine and traditional appetizers here.


The Markos Fish Tavern fish restaurant in Ayia-Napa

The Markos Fish Tavern has opened on the beach in Ayia-Napa more than half a century ago. The menu features fresh meals made from local fish and sea delicatessen delivered here from other parts of the island. This restaurant has everything that you may need for a perfect dinner out — unusual and delicious traditional Cypriot dishes, a view of the harbor, nice design, and even a children’s playground.