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Gore Melian: Music that is always with you
Gore Melian
Music that is always with you
Evgeniya Theodorou
Author: Evgeniya Theodorou
Translation: Frances Ransome

He’s brimming with ideas and new plans, all rooted in inner freedom and a thirst for new discoveries.
Meet our latest interviewee: Gore, author, performer, and music producer.
Country: Armenia

I was born into a musical family so music has been integral to my life from my earliest childhood. I honestly cannot say whether music is my profession or simply my favourite thing to do. Music is intrinsic to my identity and will always be a vital part of my life. As a «free artist», I work with music and create diverse forms and variations ... this includes but is not limited to working as a singer, songwriter and producer; as well as the vital work of mixing and mastering songs.

You could say my childhood was very interesting and full of exciting experiences. After all I lived in three countries within the first 8 years. I was born in Armenia (Yerevan is my hometown), spent several years in Russia, and later moved to Cyprus. I maintained a strong connection with them all in my heart and therefore learned four languages and took on three different cultures, which all contributed to the man I am today.

My mother is a professional musician and thus greatly influenced my passion for and choices of music: she is my mentor, she taught me everything I know and nurtured my talents. We perform together on a regular basis in a duet (piano and vocals) with a carefully prepared general program suitable for a wide range of events.

By the way, if you’re interested, you can check out my Facebook page.

I draw my inspiration from life with all its ups and downs! Literally, in all its manifestations: from a morning sunrise to a sunset on the beach! As I see it, there is no secret formula for inspiration. Everything is very personal. As for me, I allow myself to create and freely express my feelings and thoughts. I believe mental and spiritual freedom is the key to creation.

Music is the ultimate means of self-expression. It allows you to share a piece of yourself with the world and attract like-minded people. It makes it possible toopen uprealities and dimensions so different from our own. This in turn allows you to seek out solutions to the problems and worries that arise in your life.

Life and the world of music are one. It is full of wonder and joyful moments.


I moved to Cyprus with my family 20 years ago. I suppose it’s the beautiful weather that attracts most people to the island. People often say: «Let's go to Cyprus, it’ll be awesome!»

The Cypriot music industry and market are relatively small compared to other countries. Nevertheless, our island is a good place to launch your music career and grow professionally.

You know, I was always active and emotional from a young age. At the age of 5, I got into both music and sport, in particular, futsal. These days, I still have lots of hobbies and interests, including roller skating, studying various topics and issues, and, of course, self-development.

My latest hobby is remote control helicopters — there is something enthralling about controlling a vehicle at a distance and watching its manoeuvres as it obediently follows your commands.

Choosing a holiday destination depends on my mood, time, and the circumstances.

I’d love to visit countries in the Far East, as well as Indonesia and Thailand. I’m fascinated by the spirituality of this part of the world, which runs counter to the western lifestyle, as well as their ancient history and respect for nature.

Cypriots are extremely hospitable and friendly people. Anyone who understands, appreciates and respectsCypriot culture, mentality and heritage will find it easy to integrate into the local community. I’ve got a lot of friends: both Armenians and Cypriots. We hang out together all the time. Even so our group is pretty tight-knit and exclusive.

We live on a small island with a population of 800 thousand people. Nevertheless,it’s incredible how diverse it is here! It has amazed me for years. Cyprus’ national cuisine and the weather are what make it really stand out.

Cyprus is abundant with treasures that are worth seeing and this is without even counting its famed expansive sandy beaches and crystal-clear sea.

I would advise all guests and permanent residents to visit one of Cyprus’ waterfalls ... for example, the Adonis Baths in the Koili area on the outskirts of Paphosis one of the most beautiful and unique places on the island.

Although this is my home country, I actually feel like a citizen of the world. I truly believe that one day the whole world will become one big, loving family. For this to happen, everyone must want the same thing ... peace, love and harmony.

I want to wish everyone more happiness and reasons to smile. Live in the now! Worry less and love more every day of your life.