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Public transportation in Cyprus: buses, «travel» taxi and taxi
Public transportation in Cyprus
buses, «travel» taxi and taxi
Daria Temonenkova
Author: Daria Temonenkova

What’s the best way to travel around Cyprus without a car or a license? How do you travel inside one city or travel to a different part of the island? And what should you do if you are in urgent need of a taxi?

This article contains alternative ways of traveling around the island and their cost.

Public transportation (buses)

Let’s begin with buses! For those who prefer this mode of transportation, there is a great and very useful website The website has detailed route and schedule information for city and long-distance buses.

Please pay careful attention to the buses that run between Limassol and the airports in Larnaca and Paphos. Their schedule is constantly changing and can be found on this website: Ticket price is 9 euros for adults, 4 euros for children.

Basis things to keep in mind when you are riding the bus:

  • City buses run infrequently. The more busy routes have buses running every 15 minutes during the day, and every 30 minutes in the evening. The less «central» buses run even less frequently.
  • Bus schedule depends on the season (summer and winter). The most updated schedule is available on the website.
  • City bus fare is 1,5 euros during the day and 2 euros after 9pm. Also available are daily, weekly and monthly passes. The daily pass should cost you around 5 euros, the weekly pass should cost around 15 euros and the monthly pass costs around 40 euros. Intercity buses also offer passes (fare information is available on the website mentioned above)
  • When taking the intercity bus, it is best to purchase a round-trip ticket. Essentially, this is your all-day pass, which you can use to travel along this route as much as you want.
  • All city and intercity buses have air-conditioning and are very comfortable.
  • Attention! Always enter through the front door and buy your ticket from the bus driver. Use the back door to exit the bus. Drinking, eating and smoking inside the bus is prohibited.
  • To request a bus stop, press the button located on one of the handrails.
  • Unfortunately, the stops are not announced, but if you ask the bus driver to let you off at a certain stop, he or she will definitely let you know when to exit.
  • You can take the bus not only around the city, but also to remote locations and faraway villages. Carefully study route information. Buses are a very economical and convenient mode of transportation.

Автобусы на Кипре

By the way, you can take the bus as far as the Turkish side of Cyprus! The important thing is to cross the pedestrian checkpoint (located on Ledra street in Nicosia). When you cross to the Turkish side, simply find Komobus — a departure location for the minibuses traveling to different locations in Cyprus. Bus fare is significantly lower there.

You can also hire a taxi to take you the mysterious site (keep reading to find out more about taxis). The fare will run around 100 euros. Plus, you’ll have to purchase auto insurance at the border, which would cost around 30 euros.

Intercity travel: shuttle bus service and Travel Express Taxi

«Travel» taxi can accommodate between 4 and 7 people and connects major cities. Taxis run every 30 minutes, Mon – Fri, from 6am to 6pm; and Sat – Sun from 6am to 5pm.

You can book your seat over the phone and arrange a personal pick-up and drop-off location, as long as it is inside the city. There is no service during holidays.

To book your seat, please contact:

Central office: 0777474

Nicosia: +357 22-730888

Limassol: +357 25-877666

Larnaca: +357 24-661010

Paphos: +357 26-923800

Polis: +357 26-321101

Paralimni: +357 23-826061

Fare (one way, Mon – Sat/Sun):

Nicosia — Limassol — Nicosia: 10,90 euros /13,50 euros

Nicosia — Larnaca — Nicosia: 8,20 euros /10,00 euros

Nicosia— Larnaca Airport — Nicosia: 11,00 euros /13,00 euros

Limassol — Larnaca— Limassol: 9,90 euros /11,80 euros

Limassol — Larnaca — Limassol: 12,60 euros /14,50 euros

Limassol — Paphos — Limassol: 9,20 euros /11,00 euros

Limassol — Paphos Airport — Limassol: 12,40 euros /14,00 euros

Larnaca — Ayia-Napa — Paralimni (runs every 2 hours): 8,20 euros /10,00 euros

Paralimni — Ayia-Napa — Larnaca Airport (runs every 2 hours): 11,50 euros /14,20 euros

Attention! If you need to arrive at your destination at a certain time, please inquire about the shuttle taxi’s arrival time (also keep in mind that it takes additional time to pick up and drop off passengers.

Общественный транспорт на Кипре

Regular taxi

You can also easily order a taxi that would take you anywhere around the island. This is a very convenient (most taxis are Mercedes-Benz), but a slightly expensive option.

For example, a taxi ride from Limassol to Larnaca Airport costs 50 euros. A ride to Paphos airport costs 40-45 euros. A ride around the city costs 10-12 euros.

To find out more about taxi fare, visit: The website has the most recent and precise information.

How do you order a taxi? If you are located at the airport, you can get a taxi right outside the airport building. If you want to take a taxi around the city, you can flag one down, stop by at a taxi office (most of which are located on central streets), or ask a friend for a taxi driver’s number (most people have a driver they prefer to ride and carry a card with the driver’s phone number). When this article was being written, a new app called was released. The app’s creators say it lets you order a taxi to any location on the island. This option is probably the most convenient one.

There are many ways to travel around the island without a car. So let nothing stop you from exploring the island and having adventures!

такси на Кипре