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Kitesurfing in Cyprus
Kitesurfing in Cyprus
What is it and how does it work in Cyprus
Evgenia Bravo
Author: Evgenia Bravo

Kitesurfing is an extremely popular sport in warm countries. Wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, skateboarding and even gymnastics skills are combined in an attempt to slide on the water surface and ride the waves. Where to kitesurf in Cyprus? Are there any specialized kitesurfing schools and instructors on the island? Continue reading to find out.

Beginners are advised to start practicing under the supervision of more experienced sportsmen, as kitesurfing is considered to be a considerably risky sport and requires a lot of skills and attention. Basic things every kitesurfer should know how to do are starting from the water, controlling the kite with the strops, and safety system usage. Amateurs and professionals also practice turns and jumps.

Big surface water bodies are the best for kitesurfing: there should be enough room for taking off and landing a kite. Weather is also to be considered — the wind should be blowing toward the coast with the speed of 4 to 6 m/s. Try to schedule you kitesurfing session between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Kitesurfing spots in Cyprus

As kitesurfing depends so much on the weather conditions, especially on the wind strength and direction, calm and mostly breathless Cyprus summers are not the best time for serious practice, and professional kitesurfers usually choose fall or even winter for their sessions. Nevertheless, summer is a great time for the beginners who only start exploring the world of kitesurfing.

There are 5 kitesurfing spots next to Limassol: one of them, the Paramali Beach, is believed to be one of the safest kitesurfing spots on the island, the Curium Beach is great for those who like to catch big waves, the Lady's Mile Beach is a long beach with short waves, the Advimou Beach is popular among beginners, and the Shipwreck Beach, on the contrary, will be a perfect choice for those who feel confident in the sea.

If you are looking for kitesurfing beaches next to Larnaca, visit Mazotos and Pila villages. The Kitemed Beach is also great.

More kitesurfing-friendly beaches can be found on the territory of the part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey.

Кайтсерфинг на Кипре

Kitesurfing schools in Cyprus

The Volcano surf station is located not far from Larnaca, on the territory of the equipped CTO beach in Pila village. Kite-safari here costs 170 euros and includes 5 hours of kitesurfing (equipment and transfer are included in the price). Individual kitesurfing class costs 50 euro; amateurs and professionals can rent the equipment and practice on their own.

The Kitemed kitesurfing school is located not far from Larnaca. The school is open throughout the year. Beginner class (120 euro) lasts for 3 hours, while advanced 6 hours long program will cost about 240 euro. Advanced program graduates can stand up on the board, know everything about safety and kite operation, and can move up the next course (3 hours, 120 euro) and learn how to control the ride and perform turns and jumps.

The Tandem school is located on the territory of the Kiti-Mazotos Beach in Larnaca. Here everybody can experience the loveliness of kitesurfing without any training — in tandem with an experienced instructor. This attraction is available both to children and adults. Here you can also sign up for training courses.

The Kahuna kitesurfing station in Mazotos village opened in 2008. IKO program training is offered here: it includes 3 levels and costs 350 euro (any level can be also taken separately). Individual tuition is 60 euro per hour. More experienced kitesurfers can take a freestyle and jumps course for 150 euro.

The Crest watersports center is located in Limassol. Beginner, amateur and professional programs are offered here (150-250 euro for 3 to 6 hours). Classes take place on a sandy Limassol beach around many other exciting water sports: wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing, and more. Vacationers can also rent a boat, a wave runner or a yacht, and held a festive event on the territory of the center.

You can also learn how to kitesurf at the Eight Smileys station in Limassol. The introductory course here lasts for 4 hours and does not include practice in the open water. Nevertheless, by the end of 4 hours long training, beginners know how to stand on the board and can continue learning without an instructor.

The Kiteboarding Cyprus school is also located in Limassol. Most of the classes take place on the Paramali beach. Upon completion, the program participants get an IKO certificate which allows them to rent equipment for independent practice anywhere in the world.

Where to learn how to kitesurf on the territory of the part of Cyprus occupied by Turkey? Visit the Caretta resort, or the Heaven Surf House school on the Yedidalga beach, where it takes 3 days (8-10 hours of training) to become an independent kitesurfer.