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Insurance in Cyprus
Insurance in Cyprus
How to protect yourself from unfavorable situations
Daria Temonenkova
Author: Daria Temonenkova

How do you purchase medical insurance in Cyprus? How to pick the best home insurance? What steps do you take when applying for compensation? And what is the difference between an insurance company and an insurance agent?

Keep reading if you want to know the answers to these questions.

There are many types of insurance (e.g. medical, property, etc). The most popular things to insure in Cyprus are cars and health.

Medical insurance

If you are a tourist …

If you plan to spend up to 3 months on the island, getting health insurance is going to be pretty easy. You can obtain travel insurance in your home country. Please read carefully your terms and conditions. Insurance companies usually work with specific medical facilities and doctors, which you will need to know about when you seek help. Payment methods will vary depending on your insurance company. In some cases you will have to pay on the spot, collect your receipts and claim reimbursement later. In other cases you will be treated without any payment, with the exception of medication and tests — these services will have to be covered out of pocket and will be reimbursed later. Make sure you hold on to your transportation receipts when you are heading to the hospital. These costs are also usually reimbursed.

Cyprus has hospitals, private clinics and private practice doctors. First visit with a doctor costs around 40 euros (private practice), and around 20-30 euros at the hospital.

Медицинское страхование на Кипре

If you are planning to reside or are already residing in Cyprus …

If you are planning to extend your visit, then you will need to purchase basic insurance. People call it «immigration office insurance». It costs around 170-180 euros. This insurance only covers some services (e.g. part of a doctor’s visit, some tests, part of a hospital visit, etc.) If you have an appointment with a doctor, you will first have to pay up front and then fill out a compensation form. Your company should then reimburse you for part of the cost (depending on your terms and conditions). If you are going to a hospital, you will need to give them your insurance number. You should then be seen without a charge (also depending on the terms and conditions of your contract).

Always read your contract carefully! It should state the exact amount of money that you can expect to receive in compensation.

If you want to be eligibly for a full reimbursement, you will have to purchase complete insurance. Annual prices start at 500 euros. To do that you will need to take the same steps as the ones mentioned above. This type of insurance covers all of your medical expenses.

Страхование объектов недвижимости на Кипре

Car and real estate insurance

The cost of your car insurance will depend on a number of factors, such as your engine type, the cost of your vehicle, your driving experience in Cyprus, past accidents, etc. You can expect to pay anything starting at 100 euros a year and going up. There are different types of insurance, such as third-party insurance and full insurance.

Third-party insurance is mandatory — you will not be able to drive or purchase a car without it (rental cars come with this type of insurance).

Real estate insurance depends on the price of your property.

Where to apply for insurance in Cyprus?

You can choose between working with large insurance companies or authorized insurance agents.

MetLife Aliko, CNP, Gan Direct, EuroLife, Minerva and others — these are the main insurance companies.

This website contains the full list of insurance companies:

If you think that buying insurance directly from an insurance company is cheaper than going to an insurance agent, you are wrong. In fact, insurance agents sometimes offer a small discount, which they deduct from their commission.

Get yourself and your property insured and stay confident about your future!

Страхование автомобилей на Кипре

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