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Beach activities and water sports in Cyprus
Beach activities and water sports in Cyprus
Cyprus beaches are perfect for trying new fun sports
Evgenia Bravo
Author: Evgenia Bravo

In the high season, Cyprus beaches are perfect for trying new fun sports that do not require any special training. Wakeboarding, rowing, water skiing and cycling and lots of other attractions are offered to vacationers basically in every coastal city on the island. In this review, you can find the information about popular resorts and beach activities all over the island.

Wakeboarding and water skiing

Wakeboarding is an exciting water sport both children and adults can try. The most important thing a beginner has to learn is how to get up on the wakeboard from the starting horizontal position in the water. A rider is moving behind a motorboat making turns and jumps.

The main advantage of wakeboarding (in comparison with kite surfing and many other water sports) is that you can start training on the water immediately — without long briefing and theory classes. If a rider falls, a motorboat stops moving until he or she is ready to continue breaking the waves.

Развлечения на воде, Кипр


How to fly above the sea? In Cyprus, you will only need a parachute, a hawser, and a strong motorboat. Parasailing adventure is available in most Cypriot resorts: a parachute can take one, two or even three persons up in the sky. An instructor and a motorboat driver control the entire flight; a special ground on a boat is used for landing.

Flying Fish, Banana boat, and other fun water sports

Flying Fish attraction always involves a lot of happy screams and laughter. This fun water sport is perfect for a group of friends and families with kids. So-called Banana boats or Flying Fish boats move fast behind a motorboat or a wave runner. Be sure to fall down in the water every time there is a sharp turn — this is what this sport is about! Different water sports centers in Cyprus have pneumatic boats of different shapes.

Catamaran or water bicycle

You can rent a water bicycle not only in any water sports center on the island but also in most of the hotels and equipped beaches. This is a very relaxing water activity that allows enjoying the landscape. A bit of exercise is always perfect after a long sunbathing session.

Water motorcycle or wet bike

To rent a water motorcycle in Cyprus you need to be at least 18 years old and participate in a safety briefing beforehand. Ride it fast, make corners and have fun!


Canoeing rentals are very widespread on the Cyprus coast. These boats are very difficult to overturn and are stable when the weather is windy, though we do not recommend canoeing in stormy weather. Those who have a fishing license can rent a canoe to find more remote and picturesque fishing spots. 

Watersports centers in Cyprus

The Crest watersport center in Limassol offers wakeboarding and waterskiing equipment, rowing boats, wave runners, and Flying Fish pneumatic boats for rent. Here you can also gain some fishing experience and even practice windsurfing.

The Latchi Watersports Centre is located not far from Paphos. It is a great place to rent a canoe for the whole family (1 to 3 persons) or even a yacht, try parasailing and windsurfing, ride a wave runner or waterski or just have a Flying Fish fun. Certified center instructors give diving classes.

The XS Watersports Centre in Protaras offers a wide range of watersports and beach activities. Here you can practice wakeboarding, parasailing, and other exciting watersports or rent a high-speed powerboat, a canoe, or a wave runner.

Stephanos Water Sports Center is also located in Protaras. It opened in 1976, and since then it has been offering Cyprus vacationers services and equipment for an unforgettable beach experience. Rent a boat and spend several hours in the open sea, parasail above the water, learn how to wakeboard and laugh falling in the water from a crazy Flying Fish — all these and many other activities and made available here.

The Fig Tree Bay center can be found in the Protaras bay of the same name. The center was founded in 1967. Here you can have wakeboarding and waterskiing classes, rent a kayak, catamaran, wave runner or a jet boat.

The Kapparis Waterfun watersports center is located next to the Malama Holiday Village in Protaras. There is a wakeboarding school on the territory of the center with classes for beginners and more experienced sportsmen. Other available water sports are parasailing, rowing, wave runner riding, and more.

Pissouri watersports center is located on the territory of the Columbia Beachotel.

The Nick's Watersports Centre offers all basic watersports services within the Amathus hotel in Paphos. The Paphos watersports is another city center which is located next to the Almyra hotel.