Paliatso Luna Park is the one of the biggest amusement parks for adults and children on the eastern coast of Cyprus. The park opens in April and closes in September. Park hours are 18:00 – 0:00. It offers more than 50 different rides and games, including a bungee trampoline, a giant wheel, roller coasters, a free playroom for the little ones, a tea-cup carousel and a swinging boat.

The park has two entrances and two parking lots. It offers a number of dining options and snack kiosks with corn, crepes and drinks. You can also buy cotton candy, pop corn and dough nuts.

Fans of sports can enjoy Palliatso’s selection of games, such as football, basketball, mini gold and shooting. You can book the park for a private event, such as a birthday party, a business retreat or for a group tour. Luna Park’s facilitators make visitor experience even more fun.