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Summer Wardrobe: Dressing for an Occasion

Summer Wardrobe: Dressing for an Occasion

If the lockdown period with its never ending cleaning and sorting as well as overwhelming desire to go out to public places could teach us anything, it would be:
a. only buy what you really need and ready to use forever;
b. if there’s any excuse to dress up — seize it!
Let’s marry both these joys and take a look at smart occasional dressing according to Cypriot designers and prove that timeless pieces have unlimited styling options.


If there’s any doubt about your evening outfit — choose black. Might feel a bit counterintuitive, but black clothes are especially chic for summer. The good thing is: it doesn’t have to scream luxury. Quite the opposite a smartly proportioned cotton or linen dress accompanied by decent accessories can add some magic and good drama to your night. A black linen wrap dress with lapels and slits by Kika Ioannidou is one impressive example. In her collections the pioneer of Cypriot fashion always makes power and femininity support each other without compromises. Sharp tailoring and never-failing silhouettes help create unparalleled timeless pieces.

To create a femme fatale look add some voluminous golden jewelry, a sophisticated straw bag — which is an absolute must-have of the season — and studded high heel sandals to such dress. And in the morning just change into plain white sneakers, colour your wrists with beaded bracelets, put on a bright sun hat and take your kids for a nice walk in the park with ice-cream.

Black Summer Dress


A blasphemous assumption indeed, but let's imagine there is only one summer party in the whole year — what would you wear to celebrate such an important event? The most colourful, uplifting, airy and blooming dress which is like summer itself, right? Before getting too emotional let’s sum it up for a search engine, and so we get a ‘floral maxi dress’. And this is somewhat a quintessence of the Cypriot summer joie de vivre. The options are unlimited here: embroidered caftans, multi-layered chiffons, countryside sundresses and ball gowns. Rich, floaty and inviting — Aphrodite herself would be delighted with them.

The florals of our choice are made by the Cypriot mother-daughter designer duo Tallulah Rose. The joy doubles as upon a closer inspection this dress turns out to be a skirt and blouse set. This organic cotton ensemble is hand-sewn in India in a small rural factory that provides jobs and stable income for the local population. The fact definitely adds meaning and value to the brand and its products. For a chic evening add delicate gemstone earrings, a minimal clutch and flat leather sandals. In all other occasions just accessorize it with a happy smile.

Floral Maxi

Slip Into Your Best

Once a strictly functional lingerie item a slip dress is a 100% fashion placebo now. It is ideal for a girlfriends meet-up, club party, a new restaurant opening — you name it. But it can also be appropriate for more official dress codes like weddings’ and galla nights’ ones. It is simple yet sensual, its lines are so perfectly womanly it seems like the slip was there from the world’s creation. And this dress is meant to draw attention to its wearer not to itself. It’s like an expensive frame for the portrayed one who should feel their very best. By keeping a versatile slip dress in your wardrobe you save a good load of time which instead of browsing, shopping, fitting might be much wisely spent on a spa visit to make your natural beauty glow like a million lumen light.

Slips of all lengths, shapes and colours can now be found in every single shop, and Cypriot designers love the concept of indoors clothing worn outdoors too. Luxurious lace dresses by RamonFilip, or casual and light as a feather buttoned slips by Érine Shirts are some prompt examples. But this time we picked a Russian-made slip dress. A Moscow based brand called Gamma saw a potential of its flowing dresses and feminine ensembles made of practical cupro — a synthetic fiber combining silk and cotton properties — for the Cypriot conditions and market, so now one can buy them on the island.

To make such a ‘frame’ for your body bedazzle it can be subtly gilded with metallic heeled sandals, collarbone grazing crystal earrings and a stunning cocktail ring. A final touch would be a bejeweled box clutch a-la minaudière with just enough space to accommodate your most posh lipstick inside.

But perhaps the best quality of a slip dress is that when the ball is over and the candles are out, it will stay with you, make friends with all your shirts, sweaters, sneakers and even jeans, and delight you with its versatility and elegance for many seasons ahead.

Slip Dress

Jump For Joy

So let’s talk a bit more about the funny ways of utilitarian things turning into fashion fetishes. The overalls initially made for heating boilers’ service men (to fix problems in which one had to climb directly into a coal stove — hence the name boilersuit), the jumpsuit is now one of the most startling and expensive items on boutiques’ rails and online stores’ pages. It seems to empower a woman with determination and fearlessness. And designers love to play with the idea of a jumpsuit using all imaginable materials (from obvious denim and twill to crystal embroidered silk, expensive lace, leather and cashmere) and shapes (from workwear classics and summer rompers to high-tech laser cuts and intricate designs with capes).

If there is one Cypriot designer who championed the jumpsuit subject it would be Stalo Elia. She always includes them into her collections be it playful options for the summer or irresistibly chic numbers for special occasions. Complete the look with a micro bag with handles or satin réticule, fatal stilettos and Byzantine earrings and get ready to be the gossip column star.

Evening Jumpsuit


Pajama Party

We have to admit: pajamas have become the main fashion trend of 2020. Never before has the world been so united in the love for a certain piece of clothing. So let's not resist and finish this occasional dressing review with pajamas. By the way, this word itself risks being erased from catalogs: designers and brands tend to refer to nightwear sets as ‘trousers’ and ‘shirts’. No wonder: some ensembles are so lush and comfortable at the same time that you want to continue wearing them from under your blanket to an a-lister party.

So how to choose wisely and properly? The classics are there to help: chinoiserie stays unbeaten, monochrome sets of darker shades with contrasting piping will keep you composed, tiny polka dots, tropical and animal prints will do for a more playful occasion. All of the aforementioned in the right proportions and the company of velvet pumps can create the effect of casual but languish chic. And if you are lucky enough to find a set with feather trimmings — grab it without hesitation and get a bonus club pass and the diva title right away. Lighter sets of shorts and short-sleeved shirts are suitable for more informal events. Opt for a straw bag and low-heeled sliders for a playful pool party look or a trip to an outdoor movie theater.

A perfect example of going-out pajamas is presented by the Cypriot brand RamonFilip. This weightless crepe set consists of an inventively cut blouse and scalloped shorts to match, generously trimmed with a good amount of lace. A variety of delicious pastel shades to choose from make this set even more desirable. An expensive looking pajama like this creates a relaxed gentle image with the real style and class shining through. Wear it with neutral-toned mules or minimal leather sandals and personal gold jewelry plunging down the neckline.

Pajama Party



Well, let us all hope for more going-out-safely reasons in the nearest future. Support your local designers and manufacturers, choose timeless items, and they will happily serve you for many years to come.

Author: Natasha Kalinina